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We are becoming an angry society that it seems our good manners are beginning to go extinct. It is even worse on social media as there is constant bullying, insults and abuses on people's opinions. People are busy forming woke that they have thrown their manners and kindness into the bin.

People are becoming so impatient, confused and frustrated than they ever were - probably due to the harsh economy -  and everyone now seems to be in a rush to get to a destination, up a ladder (socially, maritally or financially) that the next person is of no importance anymore.

The men no longer hold the door open or draw out the chairs for a lady. In a bid to be treated fairly and equally, women have destroyed their being placed on a pedestal that they feel a man can't be gentle enough to treat them like the ladies they are.

Younger ones find it difficult to give the elderly first place either at the bank, shopping mall or in a public transport. It is no longer ladies first but survival of the fittest.

The words "thank you" and "please" have become difficult for certain people to say because they feel entitled even when a favour or a service is done to them. Apologies are difficult to render even when we are at fault due to pride.

Manner is defined as "a person's outward behaviour towards another." What is your behaviour towards the other person? Does your behaviour towards another person leave the person feeling bad or good? Unfortunately, certain people feel empowered or so powerful when they see the negative effect of their actions on others.

At the root of having manners, is the general care and consideration towards another person. It is placing the other person above self. It is being kind, respectful, polite and empathetic. 

Saying "please and thank you" when a favour or service is done to you indicates regard and appreciation towards others with a heart of gratitude - it is not old fashioned. Saying "sorry" when you do something wrong means you are taking responsibility of your actions - It is not old fashioned.

Exhibiting good manners is as important as being stylish or smart. It as important as trying to act woke. Your behaviour towards others can either make or mar you in the short or long run. It also determines how successful you become in life. You can have all there is on earth but without good manners, you are nothing. People's opinion of you will largely be determined by your outward behaviour and not by your possessions. 

A person is called beautiful not because of his/her physical appearance but for what comes from the inside . It is the good manners of behaviours that makes a person truly beautiful. 

Being genuinely kind, polite and well-mannered can never go out of fashion irrespective of what people say to you when exhibit the good old manners. 

I've heard people say I like following protocols because of the way I behave. Some even say I behave like a mother or mama because of certain behaviours I exhibit and I'm glad I do and is associated with such because those are good old manners my mama taught me and they can never go out of fashion in my life. 

No one is born with good manners except being taught or learnt which we can all do. You do not necessarily need to practice your best manners when with people or because you want to get something from someone but you can learn to make it a part you and your everyday lifestyle irrespective of where you are or who you are dealing/relating with. Manners are daily rituals to be practiced with.

The roots of good manners begin at home and the unsung heroes like my mum who would never let a rude behaviour slide. When children are taught good manners, they grow with it and become better person in life and in the society at large. 

The value of good manners will never change neither will they ever go out of fashion. They will always have ripple effect in our lives when we make them a part of our daily life.

Do well to be nice, respectful and kind to everyone not just people you feel you will benefit one thing or the other and let's teach our kids these good manners as it helps make the society a better place to live in.

Quote for the day - "Good manners can open doors that even the best pick-up lines can not."
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