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By taking the time to identify and achieve your inner goals, you begin the process of creating a lasting change in your life.

And as stated in last week's post, setting and achieving your inner goals helps you meet your outer goals. You can read it here

Today, we are going to begin from where we stopped by continuing with other examples of inner goals.

5. DEVELOP BEING PROACTIVE : Seek opportunities of being proactive everyday of your life instead of being redundant.

In Order to get to where you want to be in life with your set goals for the year, you need to develop the habit of being proactive and a never giving up spirit or mindset irrespective of what happens along the way.

Let your inner goal towards your outer goal be to work towards your goal every day. Let it become a daily routine that you work towards your goal whether you see a change or not. 

Every little step is a step that takes us closer to actualizing the set goal. Every small progress you achieve adds up by the day and before you realize it, your outer goal is achieved big time


6. PRACTICE SELF-LOVE : If you don't learn to love yourself enough, you won't be able to see anything good coming out of you how much more being able to love another person right.

Practicing self-love is accepting and loving who you are from the inside-out (your flaws and the good) irrespective of people's perceptions or opinions about you, what you have done in the past that you wouldn't do now, your mistakes or past failures.

7. PRACTICE SELF-AWARENESS : Practicing self-awareness is being intentional about who you are, what you want to be and what you want to achieve for yourself. When you are more self-aware, you have a greater chance of influencing the outcome of your set goals.

Practicing self-awareness as an inner goal helps you make better decisions concerning your outer goals because you already know who you are and what you are capable of doing..

8. SPIRITUAL GOAL : Above all, is your spiritual growth as an inner goal. Spiritual goal is aimed at getting closer to God each day of our lives all through the year and beyond.

Spiritual goals help us grow and mature spiritually as we consistently and constantly seek ways to get closer to God. It also helps us build a healthy relationship with God and man. 

Examples of spiritual goals include;

(a) Reading the whole Bible before the year ends: To want to read the Bible the whole year, you have to allocate some time in the day to be able to achieve this inner goal probably in the mornings or at nights and maybe during the day as it suits you.

Now, this is not just about reading the Bible just to be sure you read the whole Bible all through the year but being attentive to every word and meditating on them to get the message.

(b) Making prayer a daily habit : Supposing you haven't been the type that prays often or you don't pray at all, praying daily is another way to get closer to God. 

Praying is not something we do just at night or in the morning but can occur at any time of the day. The Bible admonishes we pray without season in 1 thessalonians 5:16.

There is always a reason to want to pray to God everyday of our lives. Even when we see nothing to pray about, we have every reason to go to God in thanksgiving through prayers.

(c) Being active in church activities : Be part of the activities going on in your church, be part of the growth of the church. Just attending church is not enough but being involved spiritually, physically, financially and spiritually.

(d) Practice forgiveness : Practicing forgiveness is another goal one can pursue as part of his/her spiritual goal. This is one goal that does not just heal relationships but heals you as a person and gives you peace.

These and many more are spiritual and inner goals that you can identify and pursue to achieve which in turn enables enable you to achieve your outer goals.

Inner goals and outer goals compliment each other greatly, therefore is essential you identify and differentiate these goals.

But actively working on your inner goals is what determines your proactiveness in pursuing and achieving your outer goals.

Everyday, put in efforts towards achieving your inner goals as they help you gain control over responses to the experiences you may have in life.

Quote for the day - " You have power over your mind not - outside events. Realize this and you will find strength." Marcus Aurelius 

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