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 Don't we all just love sunday mornings? It is one of the favourite days for most of us - a day we rest from work, go to church, relax, get some good sleep, play some games, have a great time with family members and probably go out with friends and loved ones later in the day.

Other times on a sunday, you just wanna lay in bed and do nothing but to ensure you have enough rest for the week ahead. Yeah! that's me most sundays when am not engaged with one activity or the other.

Just like Bruno Mars sang in one of  his songs 'The Lazy Song;

"Today I don't feel like doing anything. I just wanna lay in my bed. Don't feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone cause today,  I swear I'm not doing anything."

But irrespective of of how late or early we wake up on a sunday morning, how much time we spend resting, sleeping, playing games and being with loved ones or friends, it's just a matter of time before it is Monday morning again and the hustle and bustle begins.

Some of us do not like it when it's Monday morning again and most of us I'm sure wish every other day would just be like sundays where we do not have to do much but just rest, have fun and the money just comes in at the end of the day or month as the case may be or that goals are met at the snap of a finger while we are all feeling cozy at home.

But unfortunately life isn't like that. There is no progress in life wanting and wishing everyday should be like sundays.

Progress, real joy and happiness in life comes from having dreams, a vision or focus, setting goals, pursuing and making progress on our dreams and goals.

In most cases, it is knowing the task ahead of us once it's monday either at work, business places or with our personal goals that we wish sundays should last longer or that every other day should just be like sundays so we don't have to do anything.

Sometimes, it is the fear of failing at the task ahead of us for the coming week, the difficulties or challenges to be encountered that we dread sundays being over.

We just want the easy life because we like it easy. We do not want to go through certain difficulties or stress to get things done. 

Yet it is in those difficult places or moments we grow. It is in those difficult places we grow our potentials, talents and gain more insights or ideas on how to go about things and get them done. 

Being comfortable all the time or always wanting to be in our comfort zones takes us nowhere in life but rather keeps us stagnated at a place physically, mentally, psychologically, intellectually and otherwise.

You may fail so many times before you succeed at life's adventures but the beauty of it all is that at avery point you fail is progress made and lessons learnt.

Hard things don't always stay that way forever, they only do when we give up on our endeavours. The problem with having things easy is that life becomes boring and remains the same. No spice, no inspiring and encouraging stories to tell the younger generation and no impact made.

The things we see as hard or difficult eventually become easy when we do not give up but seek ways to get them done or resolved.


CONSISTENCY : To beat hard or difficult tasks, learn to stay consistent at it. Keep trying and not give up. The more you stay at it, the more you figure out ways to go about it and the more creative you would become.

Ideas only come to you when you are at work with your goals not when you are just sitting wishing everything comes up easy. 

RESET YOUR BRAIN TO EASY MODE : Reset your brain to believe you can achieve the task. When the brain comes across difficult tasks, all it would want you to do is to hit the abort button. 

Yes, I have experienced situations like this where I feel like giving up but I have come to realize that there is always a way out if only you give it one more shot or one more try and not give up.

I was once read an article where it states, the brain does not know how to differentiate reality from imagination. It only recognizes what you make it recognize.

Your imagination and your reality is same thing to the brain. So when you come across difficult a task and you keep saying it is difficult and can't be done, the brain picks it up and works with what you send to it but when you say, this can be done even when you know it's a difficult task, the brain begins to make it look easy and before you know it, the solution is out. The idea is to fool the brain into thinking it's easy and can be resolved.

 SET A DEADLINE : Set a deadline for yourself either a time limit to get it done or the number of days to get things done depending on the magnitude of the task ahead. 

This will help you get to work every now and then because you have a deadline to meet or beat.. Even when you did not meet the deadline, you would realize that you actually made some progress which will inturn inspire and motivate you to keep forging ahead. 

Get off the easy mode and comfort zone. Add spice to your life by chasing your dreams, fulfilling every obligation assigned to you and when you succeed, you would have the best feeling in the world seeing that you conquered and overcame every obstacle.

Quote for the day - "Happiness is not something already made. It comes from your own actions." - Dalai Lama. 

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