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How often do we take for granted our spouses or partners who genuinely love and care for us because we feel they will always be there waiting?

How often do we take for granted the love of our parents because we feel no price tag can be placed on their love for us?

How often do we take for granted that one friend who sticks closer than a brother through thick and thin because we know he or she has a soft spot for us?

How often do we take for granted the job that helps us pay our bills, puts a roof over our heads and foods on our table because we feel indispensable in that job or company?

How often do we take for granted the subordinates under us because we feel the economy is hard, there are no jobs anywhere and as a result, they are stuck with us?

How often do we take for granted the love of our siblings because feel blood is thicker than water so we can easily be forgiven irrespective of our actions or behaviours?

It is the little foxes (actions) that spoil the vine (relationships). "Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom." Songs of Solomon 2:15.

Foxes are little animals that seem harmless yet are very destructive in nature. They can easily your farms or gardens putting all your efforts to waste.

We may have it all going well for us until those little things we do that we feel do not matter accumulate to the point that the people in our lives can no longer bear them bringing to sour the sweet relationship we have with them.

Those seemingly insignificant actions, behaviours and habits we exhibit thinking they do not matter are the things that can destroy any form of relationship we may have.

What we hold dare to our hearts can be easily taken away from us in a twinkle of an eye due to these perceived insignificant behaviours.

Actions and attitudes not checked in any relationship or in what we do can ruin that relationship beyond our imagination especially when the other person(s) is hurt by these actions. 

In a twinkle of an eye, the things or people we take for granted can be taken from us then we would realize the importance of what we had.

Catch those little foxes that tend to spoil the vine in your life and nip them in the bud now before it becomes too late.

These little foxes are actions such as an "I don't care attitude." towards your job or the people in your life, being unappreciative of the efforts made by people around you just to put a smile on your face, ignoring the deep concerns of loved ones, employers and employees alike, not paying much attention to your spouse/partner and their needs, not speaking affirmative words to your kids, spouses and partners but criticise them often for little mistakes even for the things they do right and so on.

Truth is, we all have our limits to what we can bear and when that limit is reached, it spoils everything good and sweet we once had in life.

The little things we do and feel do not matter but irritate those around us are the things that grow into bigger problems and then ruin our lives at the end.

Don't be so selfish feeling good about yourself that you fail to realize that you are hurting those around you with your actions and behaviours.

When we learn to take care these little things that tend to take us off course the people and what God has placed in our hands, we begin to develop in us loyalty, patience, faithfulness, obedience and character which in turn helps us to conquer the bigger foxes that may arise later in life.

It is commonly said that "You do not know what you have until you lose it." You may not know the value of what you have now until it's gone.

The untended little foxes can spoil things like important relationships, career paths and even our God-ordained purposes in life

Hold on tight to what you have now and cherish every moment with loved ones while it lasts. Not everyone gets a second chance in life.

Do not let your perceived insignificant attitude or actions cost you the genuine love and care of a spouse/partner. Do not let it cost you your job and the relationship you have with others.

If the people closest to you or dare to you complain of a particular attitude of yours consistently, then check it and nip it in the bud.

Quote for the day - "Small things that may seem unimportant to us can actually spoil the tender grapes."

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