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At the dawn of the year 2022, we all had dreams, goals, aspirations and ideas we would want to achieve and establish for ourselves before the year runs out.

But the only way to be successful at these dreams and ideas you want to see established is by staying true to yourself, your dreams, ideas and being real. 

To succeed, you have to be intentional in pursuing your dreams and goals, not running with the crowd or after the crowd. 

Instead of spending so much time trying to know and follow others, spend time knowing you, what you want for yourself and pursue your dreams.

So many people especially youths are crazy these days following celebrities and wanting to know what goes on in their lives.

They are so obsessed with wanting to know every detail of the life of a celebrity's life style while their own lives and dreams are going to waste. Psychologists call this kind of behaviour 'Celebrity Worship Syndrome'

Imagine waking up in the morning and the first thing we do is pick up our phones, log into our social media handles just to see what celebrities are doing or saying (Celebrity Worship) or what our friends on social media are up to instead of setting out goals and mapping strategies to achieve set goals for the day. 

The time we spend just to monitor the lives of others would have been ample time used in pursuing our own goals and dreams. It would have been time used to see how we can get our ideas established.

In life, we all have our unique paths to follow and these paths include your dreams, goals, purpose and vision in life.

When you keep following the crowd or get lost in the activities of celebrities, you lose sight of your own unique path to follow.

The dreams and goals you pursue in life actually reveal who you are or the kind of person you are but when you follow the crowd, you get lost in the crowd and lose your identity. 

The greatest investment you can make for yourself is knowing who you truly are and knowing what you want for yourself then pursuing your dreams.

But unfortunately, this is not the case these days as so many people are lost in the crowd and in the identity of someone else.

It's so easy to want to follow the crowd than following your unique path because it kind of creates a comfort zone or a safe haven for you and the need to feel accepted.

The moment we decide and make up our minds that we want to pursue our dreams, there would be too many voices playing in our heads just to discourage us from pursuing these dreams.

Voices from friends and family members saying your dream is worth nothing. Voices from your past life saying how unworthy you are pursuing that dream.

Voices from foes who criticize your every move towards the realization of your dreams and even your inner voice that says you will fail at it, you will be scorned and laughed at or what resources (financial and human) do you have to see this dream come true or to live your purpose?

Even closed friends and family members you least expect to doubt you will turn their backs on you and even mock you either before or behind you.

To escape all these, it would be easier to want to turn to the crowd to find solace and comfort there. In Order to get people's validation and to feel accepted, we leave our own dreams behind to run with the crowd.

Whatever it is, be it the negative voices, the challenges or the need to get validated by others, staying true to yourself, your ideas and your dreams, purpose and vision will reveal your strength, worth and overall help you to understand who you truly are and not what people say or think you are. 

By the time you understand who you truly are and run with your own ideas instead of running with the crowd, you begin to attract the right people into your life, create your own fan base and in turn create your crowd. 

Success is mainly for those who confidently follow their dreams and not hide in the comfort of the crowd.

According to Mahatma Gandhi "It is easy to follow the crowd but it takes courage to stand alone." It takes so much courage to stand alone pursuing your dreams even when it seems no one believes in you and your dreams or when it feels like you are heading nowhere in the pursuit of your dreams.

It takes so much courage to pursuing your dreams despite the mockeries, criticisms, failures or challenges faced.

You are different and uniquely created by God so are your ideas, dreams and visions uniquely different from everyone else's.

Following the crowd or imitating others will make you lose your unique self and from being seen for who you are as a person.

Instead of running with the crowd, associate yourself with people of like mind. People who have dreams of their own and understand what it means to pursue and succeed at your own dreams.

It's okay to learn from others but what is not okay is trying to be like them. Learn from them but don't forget to develop what makes you unique from others.

Listen to others but don't get validated by them. Take in constructive criticism and build on it rather than letting it destroy you. 

Create your own circle of friends by choosing who becomes your friend. The people you associate with will determine how far you go in life and in your dreams while following the crowd will take you no further than the crowd.

According to Warren Buffett "If you want to soar like an eagle, you can't be flocking with the turkeys."

Following the crowd will take you no further than the crowd. But people of like minds and not mediocres will help you fly and soar like the eagle.

You have no business with negative minded people concerning your dreams and ideas but people who motivate and inspire you to reach your goals. People who are positive that you can do it.

The next post will deal on how to run with your ideas. Subscribe to this blog and stay tuned. 

Quote for the day - "Don't get lost in the crowd but find your own self and create your own crowd." - Rhoda Amapakabo

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