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Women in most cases have always been asked what they bring to the table. Infact when in general the question "what can you bring to the table? is asked, it's mostly referred to ladies and ladies never take the time to ask or think what men actually bring to the table aside money and shelter. To most men, as long as they make enough money and are able to meet the financial needs of the woman and the kids, then that's all they can bring to the table. Most women also think in this regard believing all a man brings to the table is money and a roof over their heads but it goes way beyond that. Yes! it is the duty of the man to provide for the family financially and provide shelter but that's not all they bring or can bring to the table. Now don't get me wrong, men are wired to be the providers in their families and  for their loved ones. Every responsible man has this need or urge to provide for his family. "But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever." 1st Timothy 5:8.  Beyond this, he has much more to bring to
 the table.

Like it was stated in my previous post on what a woman can bring to the table https://www.rhodasmotivationalblog.com what-woman-brings-to-table_3.html, we all bring different things to the table in our unique ways in which God has created us to build our relationships and also help each other grow spiritually, mentally, financially, emotionally and otherwise and for a man, he doesn't just bring money and shelter but also brings the following;

RESPECT : I believe this is the first thing every woman should look out for. Any man who has no respect for the female genda can never respect his wife/partner no matter how much he says he loves her. One way to know if the man you are interested in will respect you, is to observe how he treats other women around him; how he treats and talks about his female siblings and mother, how he talks about his female friends or even the spouses or partners of his male friends, his general belief about the female gender. His general view on women, how he treats and talks about them will determine how he would treat you in return. If your assessment of him in this regard is on the negative then he is a no go area. A real man should have respect for a woman's values, religion, ambition/career, personality, flaws, past, emotional and physical needs.

LEADERSHIP : He does not just answer or bear the title "head of the family" for bearing sake but goes a long way to show he is actually the head of the family in everything. He takes the first initiative when issues crop up taking a bold step to addressing or redressing every issue that comes up. There are men who shy away from responsibilities but a real man never does that no matter how difficult the issue might seem but rather will seek advice or counsel from his wife even when the final decision still lies with him.

PROVIDER : As stated above in the introductory part of this article, men are wired to be the providers in their families financially and in terms of providing shelter, but beyond this, in addition to the currency and shelter they provide, they also provide the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of their  partner and family members.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE : A man's love to his lady is not to be shaken irrespective of what happens. His love for her makes him stand by her in every circumstance. He defends her in his presence and in his absence. He doesn't just say he loves her but shows that in his actions towards her. His words and his actions concerning her or towards her all reflect his love for her. Even when he is angry at her, his love still reflects through his anger😊.  He loves his woman not just for what she is but for who she is and accepts her flaws, mistakes and past.

PATIENCE : We all know that some women if not most can be unbearing with their attitudes, character and how they speak. Most women are known to talk a lot. They wanna say all that went down during the day at work, in the neighbourhood and even in the family and until they say what's in their minds, there won't be peace. So, it behoves a man to understand this vital part of a woman and be patient with her when she really wants to talk even if what she says looks childish or irrelevant.

ENCOURAGEMENT : A real man encourages his wife in her ambitions or career (if she is the career type). He is never intimidated by the accomplishments or successes of his partner but rather pushes her to do more and then becomes proud of the woman she has become or becoming. When she is down or faced with challenges, he becomes an inspiration to her and as a results, she comes to him to seek advice on whatever she wants to do and seeks encouragement from him when she is down. When faced with a difficult task, he encourages her to be brave and strong. He encourages and supports her to be a better version of herself .

FRIENDSHIP :  A Great man is not just a husband to his wife but a friend as well. He creates an atmosphere of friendship in the home and not being too strict or serious all the time. Some men are too rigid to their wives and kids to the point that they know nothing in the lives of their family members but just the money they provide. When a man creates a friendship environment at home, he gets to know more about the lives of his family members as they would always want to tell him things and ask questions. This way, the man will be able to guide his kids and wife the right path, knowing what they do. There should also be room for fun, jokes and a playful atmosphere between partners and in a home.

TEAMWORK : A great man believes in teamwork. He doesn't just believe the woman is made for the kitchen, home chores and has the responsibility of taking care of the kids alone while he provides the money.  When it's necessary, he helps out in the kitchen, with the kids and with household chores. He encourages members of the family to look out for each other, support and encourage each other.

A SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY : A great man doesn't need to have all the money in the world before he feels like a responsible man. Even when he has little, or his lady earns more than him, he makes sure to provide the little he has and feels a sense of responsibility rather than totally depending on the lady/wife. He is trustworthy, reliable, committed to the relationship, his wife and kids. He is emotionally and intellectually involved with is lady/wife and kids. Irrespective of what happens, he also takes responsibility for his actions even if his actions were bad and the consequences of his actions are too grave.

SECURITY AND PROTECTION : A woman tends to feel safe and secured around a real man not a man that will run leaving his lady/family behind in the face of crises or challenges. He serves as a wall of protection around his family or his woman in the face of danger. He is ever ready to give his life for his lady/wife and family if need be just for their safety and wellbeing. A woman knows this when ever she is with her man. She feels no worries, fears or anxiety being around him. The kids also feel same whenever he is around.

SEXUAL SATISFACTION : There are men who believe sexual satisfaction is for them alone and a woman is just meant for procreation. To them, there is nothing like orgasm in a woman but just men, so as a result, they leave their women unsatisfied sexually. God did not just create sex for procreation but for pleasure as well. A real man who understands this will never leave his woman sexually unsatisfied. He would try to understand how her body works, what brings her in the mood and ensure she is sexually satisfied before he reaches orgasm. Men and women are meant to enjoy sex, it's not a one sided thing. Only a very selfish man would care about his own sexual satisfaction without a single thought of the woman in this regard hence leaving her high and dry sexually.

ENDLESS LAUGHTER : A real man would always want to see laughter on the face of his woman irrespective of what happens. He knows how and when to make his woman smile. He will always ensure she has a reason to smile be it in difficult, challenging or trying moments and even when she is upset with him. He knows making her laugh and smile all the time will make the good days even better and the tough days more tolerable.

FIDELITY AND LOYALTY :  He remains faithful and loyal irrespective of the temptation faced. He is ready to love her and only her. He never compromises his values, morals or ethics no matter what happens. He stands up and fights for his relationship and the future of his relationship against  all odds and intruders irrespective of where they come from. Irrespective of what people say about his partner, he stands by her at all cost.

HONESTY : A real man is not just honest to his partner but to himself. He is true to himself and keeps to his word. He honours his words more than anything and would do all he can in the best way possible to ensure he keeps his words/promises made to his loved one(s). He speaks his mind when angry about an issue and not pretend over it. When he is angry he shows and ensures the issue that led to his anger is resolved and then lets it go. He discusses every issue or topic he is not comfortable bearing his mind on the matter. He says YES when he needs to and says NO when necessary and not just agree on everything she says or wants like a man with no direction in life.

TEACHING : He serves as a teacher to his partner and kids either through his deeds or words. Have high standards, set the high standards and live by your standards. He doesn't just teach with his words but teaches with his actions as well and becomes a role model for his partner/kids, loved ones and even those in his immediate environment.

Quote for the day - "Real men spoil their women with respect, loyalty, affection, honesty, full of commitment and unconditional love." -  Anonymous 
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