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Have you ever been at a stage in life where you dread being alone? I guess we have all been there at one point in our lives where we dread wanting to be alone. At this point we dread the kind of thoughts that may run through our minds as well as the accompanied loneliness associated with such thoughts and in order to avoid such thoughts and the feelings of loneliness, we distract ourselves with
the Television, people or the Internet using our phones or laptops. I have been there 😊. Reasons that lead to fears of wanting to be alone include broken/failed relationships, lack of jobs, feelings of loneliness that may arise as a result of being alone etc while fears of being alone can lead to inferiority complex, anxiety and depression. In fact, there are people who naturally don't like being alone even for a minute not knowing there is great value attached to spending sometime alone all by your self.

The fear of being alone results in us looking for happiness in the wrong places, people and things.We have become over dependent on people just because we dread being alone. Nothing wrong in wanting to spend some time or being around people but if we feel the need to always have people around, then we need to check it. We tend to look up to men for our happiness and turn to non-living things to get momentary satisfaction. We sometimes even get into wrong associations and go to wrong places just to avoid being alone and at the end of the day we either regret our actions or come back to being alone and then loss touch of being comfortable with ourselves, of our inner being, beautiful and creative thoughts, the silent whispers of our hearts, our intuitions, that small tiny voice from within, our originality, meditations and the creativity that comes into play when we are alone and most of all having to spend some time alone with God.

Being alone its quite different from being lonely. So many people mistake one wanting to be alone as being lonely. When people find you alone, they fear you wanna shred your mind into pieces as a result of negative thoughts forgetting one can actually have positive thoughts spending some time alone. Loneliness is a feeling that only surfaces when we find it difficult spending sometime alone and crave to be around people. Your being alone with yourself is not devoid of relationships or lack of healthy relationships and friendships, it shows you value some time alone for yourself and shows your bravery. It is very healthy, I mean very healthy to spend sometime alone. 

There are so many benefits attached to spending some time alone. Being alone helps you discover your true self, realize your strengths and weaknesses as well as help you recognize your insecurities. It enables you to have a better perspective on life reflecting on the past and having a better plan for the future. It also helps you get a lot of rest if you are the type with a busy schedule. Being able to conduct your life happily and comfortably being alone is an important part of being alive.


MAKE YOUR HOUSE HOMELY : Not every house is homely. A house is just the building but a home and its comfort is what you make of it. When one feels lonely, the first place they dread going is their home but when a home is made lovely, you would always want to be in it and feel the comfort of your home. What ever makes your home a place to be then make it that way. Provide your home with the things and colors you love

MEDITATE : Meditation is a very powerful tool to use when we are alone. At this point, You commune with God in prayers, you reach deep into your potentials, your thoughts, your inner voice and the tiny whispers of your heart. Your focus at this point becomes very sharp and clear. You reflect on the past and focus on the future with a clear picture. Turn off the TV, laptops, computers or phone to avoid distractions and stay away from noise. Many dreams have been birthed in times of meditation and inspirations gotten at such points. When Ideas or dreams come to mind as you meditate, ensure to write them down and run along with them. When ever you are alone irrespective of your mood at the time, find time to mediate. reflect on things and happenings around you and meditate on finding better ways. When you meditate, you also tap into your creative powers.

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BE CREATIVE : Tap into your creativity when ever you find the time to be alone. Your creativity could be trying out a particular delicacy, writing, painting or some other artwork, singing or learning a particular musical instrument. Read books and watch detective or educating movies or documentaries to develop yourself mentally.

MAKE YOUR MOMENTS ALONE SPECIAL : Make every moment you are alone count and memorable. Take selfies, play some good music and dance, exercise, take a walk, take yourself out. Give yourself some treat weather indoors or out. If you can't be happy and love yourself when you are alone, then you can't truly be happy and feel loved even when you are with people. Like they say" You can't give what you don't have." So give yourself first the kind of love you expect from others so when you find yourself in a group or in a loving relationship, you feel loved and give love.

The times we spend alone or have to ourselves is very crucial and not to be wasted or taken lightly. Its essential we create and find some time to be alone out of our busy schedule and even when you feel lonely, turn the negative vibes to positive vibes by finding something worthwhile to do being alone. Until a person enjoys his/her company being alone, you never find true happiness in relationships or anything else.

Quote for the day - " Solitude does not necessarily mean living apart from others; rather, it means never living apart from one's self. It is not about the absence of other people - it is about being fully present with ourselves weather or not we are with others." Parker Palmer

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