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Have you ever had occasions in your life where it felt like you are dead from the inside yet very much alive physically? Or that something inside of you is slowly dying or completely dead in you?

Such feelings can make life seem uninteresting and boring as there is no sense of purpose or an end insight. 

At this point, life could feel so empty from the inside even when it seems you have all it takes to live a comfortable life on the outside. 

You can be at the zenith of your career, have the most healthy relationship, be materially and financially stable yet still feel dead inside of you.

There are several reasons why people feel dead inside but there is a major one I would like us to look into today which is the feeling of no sense of purpose in life. I may probably look at the others as time goes on but let's talk about purpose in life today.

There are so many people who go about life every day with no sense of purpose or direction. They live life as it comes daily. 

For such people, whatever life gives them for the day is what they would rather go with than having plans, a sense of purpose or direction for the day.

Those who have a sense of purpose and direction are always motivated to get up each day and go about the day with goals insight that they have set to achieve for themselves before the day runs out. For these people, life is adventurous, meaningful and beautiful as they keep smashing set goals.

While those with no sense of purpose in life are seen to be living a life of struggles everyday of their life. For such people, life is tedious, interesting or boring. They get scared of moving on the next day as it comes with question marks not know what to do or go about the next day.

Finding and living your purpose in life is what gives significance to life and makes life worth living. You get to feel like what you do in life is worthwhile and significant to the society at large.

While it is okay and important to go about how daily hustle and bustle insearch of daily bread, more important is to live a life of purpose and significance. 

Living a life of purpose and significance is what makes life meaningful, fruitful and beautiful bringing with it what we actually seek for in our everyday life - wealth (materially and financially), a better physical and mental well being, emotional stability and a psychologically balanced life

I wrote a book on the Beauty and Power of A Purposeful Life which you can find here. I recommend you get it and find out how you can identify and live your purpose your on earth. Also in the book, are the benefits and power of living a life of purpose.

Quote for the day - The numbness inside you is a sign that you are still alive, but not really living."

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