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Some months back while at work attending to a customer, I noticed he kept sighing not once, not twice but continuously with his face turned the other way. I couldn't help but ask if everything was alright. He turned, looked at me and sighed again with a faint smile.

The next time he came to the office, he thanked me for caring and asking if he was alright saying that little act of kindness gave him some form of relief.

What you can do may seem insignificant but can make a whole lot of difference and leave a huge impact in someone else's life beyond your imagination.

Ongoing small gestures can in most cases mean so much more than a grand display of love. You never know what the other person might be going through. 

They could be upset over something you'd never understand but by being kind to them unconditionally and out of the goodness of your heart, this could be a turning point for them.

It is often the smallest of things we do that can have the greatest impact and make the biggest difference in a person's life and the society at large.

Everyone of us have been called by God to make a difference in this world and not just to pass time living like our lives have no meaning.

We are here on earth to make significant contributions to the society and the world at large but there is always a starting point which is from our own little corner or space.

But most often, people see themselves as insignificant to make significant changes and positive impacts in their immediate environs and in the lives of people around them. 

Some make these positive impacts without realizing it because they never see themselves as significant enough to make a difference.

You are never too small or insignificant to make a difference in this world. You have all it takes within you to touch lives from that little corner of yours and the best time to start is now taking one step at a time.

We don't need to get to a point in life where feel we have amassed so much wealth before we can touch a life neither do we need to wait for a grandiose event before we make significant contributions to the society we live in and the world at large.

We are capable of much more than we can imagine even with the little in our hands and in our own little space. We are capable of making a huge difference in someone else's life and in the world taking it one step at a time.

Oftentimes, people believe that great things come from great deeds like seeing people do extraordinary things to help others which makes us feel we are incapable to replicate such. You don't have to be a super human but human enough to make a difference.

You don't have to do what others do but do what you can with what you have from where you are in your own little and unique way to make a difference. 

Simple little acts such as feelings of empathy and sympathy, giving a listening ear, being of assistance the little way you can, words of encouragement to a broken heart or a wounded soul, acts of kindness in words and deeds, sharing your resources financially, materially, time wise and sometimes just sitting in silence with a bereaved or broken heart goes a long way to make a difference in a person's life. 

The more we each stretch a helping hand to one another, the world would become a better place. Every little bit of kindness counts and goes a long way to make a difference in a person's life.

Of what use are we here on earth if we can't cause positive changes and leave legacies even for generations to come? 

Make your life, count, make it significant and ensure you leave a mark on earth even for generations to come in your own little way. 

You matter in life and you have the power, ability and capability to make significant changes and contributions to your world.
Quote for the day  - "Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things." - Mother Theresa

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