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No matter how your life started or bad you perceive it to be, you are not a mistake. God intended for you for a purpose here on earth.

God would not have allowed you to be born if He had no plan for you. 

That's why He said in Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born, I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."

Unfortunately, so many people do not know the purpose of their existence hence the need and desire to impress or run the race of others.

It is commonly said that "When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable." 

and I would also like to add that when the purpose of a thing is not known, misuse is also inevitable.

It's just like going into a marriage without knowing the purpose of a marriage resulting into the abuse and misuse of that marriage and a spouse at the end of it all. 

When you do not know the purpose for your existence in life, all you would do is abuse and misuse your existence as well as the purpose God has ordained you to live.

You would live your life according to the dictates of others all in a bid to gain general acceptance as well as trying to live someone else's life.

Some who actually know their purpose misuse it while some are too impatient to wait or live that purpose because they feel it's a waste of time especially when they see others moving so fast and excelling in their crafts.

And so they venture into the race of another as a result of a perceived success in that particular craft. They forget that there is a process and a time for everything.

Your job is not to impress people but to run your own race. The only person you need to impress and get validation from is God who is your maker and the one who has designed you for a purpose.

There is no grace or anointing in trying to live someone else's life or running someone else's race. All you would end up doing is struggling all your life without a sense of fulfillment or joy.

To fulfill your purpose, there is a process you have to go through in life including the storms, the challenges, the mistakes and failures which all refine you and make you master your craft and at the right time you would come out strong and shine like the star you are.

The more you work on yourself and keep living your purpose, the more confident you become in it and run your race.

But the more you run from your purpose, the more inferior you become hence the need to run another person's race.

We live in a fast paced world were most people live just to impress others. They are more concerned about running someone else's life due to the perceived success attached or just to be accepted by the general populace.

The social media glamour where success is shown or displayed and everything nice is also a factor that contributes to making people want to live someone else's life.

But a purpose driven life does not live to impress others. It does not seek to run the race of others irrespective of weather they are ahead or too fast.

It does not live a competitive life neither is it envious of  others. It maintains its lane and runs its own race because it knows where it is headed.

It is not your job your job to impress people but to run your own race. We have all been created with a unique purpose in life by God with a unique path to follow.

Until you identify yours and live by it, you will keep on living another person's dreams.

Some of us may have set goals to achieve for ourselves within the year or before the year runs out but have not been unable to due to certain challenges.

We may have desired what we would want to have, become and heights to attain before the year runs out but seems unattainable.

But for our contemporaries, it would seem like they have it all going well for them as they had hoped or planned it to be.

There were times you even had opportunities but just when you were to seize the opportunity and make perfect use of it, it was taken from you.

All these shouldn't deter you from running your race and setting your eyes on the prize. 

Let your eyes be set on your goals, stay true to your course, stay on your lane, run your race and trust the process.

You don't have to be smarter, better or more talented than anyone. All you need is to keep working on you and becoming a better version of you everyday. You are in competition with no one but you.

Be comfortable with your gifts, talents, personality, looks and skin. You have nothing to prove to anyone just to impress them and get their validation.

The only job you have is impressing God and getting his validation and not being dependent on other people's opinions of you.

Trying to impress people would only mean you are getting your value and worth from them and not what God says about you.

Getting into the approving mode is a never ending circle that will do nothing but steal your joy and wear you out.

Stay in your lane and run your race. That's where your anointing and the grace is for you to find fulfillment.

Stop bothering about keeping up or measuring up with others but keep running your race and become the better version of you.

Quit competing, quit comparing and quit impressing. Just run your race. If you make mistakes, fail and fall, get back up and keep running.

Failing, falling and making mistakes do not define you and your purpose but refine and make you a better version.

If people desert you because you failed, fell or made mistakes, know that you ain't perfect but a work in progress. 

You have God's approval and validation already. He knew about your mistakes, failures and falls even before they happened.

So get your eyes off people's validation, opinions and your faults. You are a master piece and in a class all by yourself.

A life without a purpose is meaningless. It barely exists and is easily tossed about by the winds. 

Quote for the day "Don't compare your situation with someone else's. You are not running their race. You are running your own race." - Joel Osteen

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