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We live in a worth-seeking world where everyone wants to be liked, loved and accepted by all and then feel like you are for everybody or that everyone likes you.

We try so hard to please people in an effort just to feel better about ourselves seeking validation and reaffirmation of self-esteem.

And then, with the rise of social media showcasing both fake and flashy lifestyles, it becomes so easy to want to be like them. 

Lots of youths are seen battling for validation from the wider public through the different social media platforms or from a group of people. 

I have seen so many people especially youths working so add to conform to the social media craze all in a bid to seek acceptance or fit in.

There is always this fear of social rejection when you dare to stand on your own or think outside the box.

When a majority of people are seen doing same thing or agreeing on a thing, such people are tempted to want to join the trend just to fit in.

We have a generation of people who always want to follow the crowd blindly without an opinion or thinking of their own.

It's natural to want to feel loved and accepted by all but it doesn't always happen that way. You gotta learn to be yourself, love yourself and not live by people's opinions of you but God's.

In this world we live in, there are people who no matter what you do will never like you while there are those who would love you fiercely irrespective of your flaws. 

So many of us work so hard just to fit in the crowd seeking acceptance from everyone when we were born different with unique gifts, dreams and talents. 

You are not everybody but uniquely you. You have a mind of your own to think and assimilate things.

Everybody must not like you or agree with you neither must everyone believe in you and your dreams.

You have your special gifts and dreams that only you can live and understand. You owe no one any explanation. 

A light shines the brightest in the dark and the only way you you can stand out in the midst of so many people is to dare to be different.

If when in a group, you don't stand out or there is nothing differentiating you from the rest of the people in tha group, then you need to reevaluate yourself.

Even if you are in a limited environment, you are not limited but different and very much empowered to live your dreams and purpose in life. 

Majority rule is not always right. In most cases, it is people who do not have dreams, goals and opinions of their own that tend to follow the crowd. 

When it comes to your personal life, do not be persuaded or dissuaded by public opinions whether they believe in you or not.

It doesn't matter how many times you fall or fail daring to be different and people mock or criticise you.

You do not need to waste your precious time trying to convince everyone about who you are and the stuff you are made off.

Only you know your worth and value. You only need to believe in yourself and if only very few people believe in you, then you need just a few people in your life and not a crowd.

Realizing you do not fit in the crowd or a certain group of people it's not as bad as you would think or they make you feel. It's in fact a good thing.

You were not made to fit in the crowd but to fit out. You were made to fulfil your own purpose and no one else's.

One of the best compliments anyone can give you, is to say you are different from the others. 

You must not do what everyone is doing or do it same way they do. One major way to stand out is to do ordinary things in extraordinary ways with enthusiasm. 

 Identify your dreams, know your worth, maintain your lane, think outside the box, be creative. and run your own race.

Quote for the day "If Everybody likes you, you are not real enough." - Unknown

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