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We all have made mistakes, committed errors and experienced failures in certain areas of life that tend to weigh us down but becomes worse when people label or define us with such mistakes, failures  or errors yet no one is perfect. People are labelled for what they can and can not do or what they can and can not achieve  mostly due to results of passed failures or experiences. Once an individual tries a thing and fails then he/she is labelled a failure in that aspect or for life. As a single or divorced lady/man, you are labelled for having failed relationships or marriages. The woman without children is labeled barren. At work places, staff are labelled for not doing well despite the efforts put in or for one error/mistake made. This is seen in most organisations where staff are not appreciated for their inputs but if they should make one mistake or error, then they are labelled with that just to intimidate them and make them feel inferior for subjection. Only few bosses who are people oriented know how to appreciate their staff knowing leadership is not just about title but people.  In  circles of friends, there is also labelling of one another negatively.  It is commonly said that people hardly remember the good things you have done but for one mistake or error committed, this they never forget and then label you with it. This is seen in our workplaces, homes, circle of friends and so on. Still, when you take up the challenge and go beyond the stigma of failure in order to achieve something for yourself,  the labelling crops in again reminding you of how you had failed initially, instilling fear in you of whether you can do it or not.

The truth is, people will always label you with something bad or with bad comments. They are entitled to their opinions. You are not responsible for what people say or think about you but you are responsible with the decision of weather to dwell on those negative labels and make them a part of you or move beyond them. Negative labels are very bad and tend to get people stuck on a spot for a very long time. Words are like seeds and if allowed, they take deep root in us. So are the negative labels if allowed to dwell in our hearts making us become what people label us with. The enemy will not fight you where you are but for where you are going or what you are becoming. When people see you step up your game, then they are threatened and scared of what you would become. They label you with your past experiences and negative words for fear of what you are becoming or what you would achieve believing you can't attain a height in life or that you will never accomplish any goal in life. They say things like "you will amount to nothing" You can't keep a relationship" "you can't do it" "you will fail" "you are too old" you can't bear kids and so on. Just because you are labelled in a certain way negatively, doesn't not make it a fact that you are what you are labelled. Those are their labels, not yours. So take off those negative labels and wear the positive labels. Labels of people on you aren't who you are. You are who and what God says you are and is calling for your life is irrevocable irrespective of what people say or think about you neither do your past failures or experiences negate the plans of God for your life.

Thomas in the Bible is and has always been labeled "doubting Thomas" because of his insistence to see Jesus and place his fingers on the mark of the nails pierced on Jesus hands and also to place his his hands by Jesus side before he believes Jesus actually came to the disciples and is alive. (John 20:24-25,28) but what people don't say or see is the fact that through the efforts of Thomas, christianity was brought to india where he preached the gospel and baptised so many. God will never write you off because of your past mistakes, only people would. You can still do exploits and live your dreams despite the negative labeling so hold on to your dreams and wear the positive labels God has placed on you.

                                HOW TO LIVE BEYOND PEOPLE'S LABELS

FORGIVE YOURSELF : Forgive yourself of every mistake or error made in the past. Let go of the hurts, disappointments, discouragements, failures and so on. You can only move on in life when you let go of your past mistakes in life.

FORGIVE OTHERS : Forgive everyone who must have wronged in one way or the other. You can't move on in life carrying grudges all around. In Fact you hurt yourself more when you don't let go of  the wrong deeds towards you.

YOUR BELIEF : What is your belief of every label placed on you or what do you think about them? Do you believe it when someone says you can't amount to anything in life or that you can't achieve that seemingly impossible task? What you think and believe is what you become. If you believe those negative comments, then you will amount to nothing but if your don't believe them then, they hold no place in your life. The only power negative labels will have on you, is the power you give to them.

PURSUE YOUR DREAM : Pursue your dreams despite the negative labels on you. You have dreams to pursue, talents and skills to exhibit. Don't let your dreams die because of the negative comments of people neither should you let your skills or talents go to waste due to fear of criticism and failure. Nurture your skills, talents and pursue your dreams. If you fail or fall seven times, then rise up seven times stronger and better.

KEEP THE RIGHT ATTITUDE : Irrespective of the labels people place on you or the comments made about you, maintain a right attitude. Keep doing the right thing and keep treating people right. Keeping the right attitude will take you places and open doors your never imagined or dreamt of.

REPLACE THE NEGATIVE LABELS WITH POSITIVE LABELS : Replace every negative label placed on you with positive labels. If they say you can't do it, replace it with "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."(Philippians 4:13). If they call you ugly " Replace it with "I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God, His works are wonderful" (Psalm 139:14) or with " I am made in God's image, therefore I am beautiful." (Genesis 1:27). If they call you a failure, call yourself a success cause "Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord whose confidence is in Him."(Jeremiah 17:7).  If they say you won't get married, tell them God said "none will lack her mate"(Isaiah 34:16).  If they call you barren and say you can't bear kids remind them of what God said in His word "He gives the barren woman a home, making her a joyous mother of children. Praise the Lord!." (Psalm 113:9). "Shout for joy, O barren woman, who bears no children; break forth into song and cry aloud, you who have never travailed; because more are the children of the desolate woman than of her who has a husband," says the Lord." (Isaiah 54:1). If they say it's its not possible for you to live your dream or complete a task, say "With God all things are possible."(Matthew 19:26). Think positive amidst the negative labels and you will see yourself living above those negative labels. Replace every negative label of the enemy or people with what God has said about you and who God says you are. The only way you can reach your highest potential is when you take off the negative labels and wear the positive labels. For every negative word placed on you, God has the direct opposite for you. Search His words and hold on to His words.

You may have failed, made mistakes, committed certain errors in life, at work, home etc but your errors, mistakes or failures don't define you. They were just things that you did but not part of who you are. People's negative labelling about you does not negate the plans of God for your life. God does not define us by our mistakes but rather refines us with our mistakes. The only one who can stop you is you. Don't settle where you are because of the labels of people on you. People will only make assertions of where you were at the time not where you are going. They might call you all sorts of names but that is not who you are. You are what you answer to. You either answer to their negative labelling or to God's positive labelling.

Quote for the day - "People who try to bring you down everyday aren't important in your life, so you better treat their opinions as such." - Terry Mark
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