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So many times we find it difficult to appreciate the little beautiful things happening around us or that we have because we are too weighed down with the pressures and challenges of life.

We fail to realise how beautiful life is until it's too late. We fail to appreciate and even recognize the efforts of loved ones around us until they are gone. I got to realise the level and capacity of my mom's strength, love and discipline in raising me and my siblings after she passed on. The values and disciplines instilled in us by her never left us but always come to light every day of our lives.

There have been times I had imagined my life without my Mom after I am married and not having her around to hold and play with her grandchildren. Knowing I can't bring her back makes me allow the beauty of my life radiate from within my soul and loose myself to be free realising how blessed I am to be alive.

There are so many married couples out there who are in dire need children and are burdened with the lack of kids but fail to appreciate the beauty of the marriage they are into and the lovely spouses they are married to, without realising there are singles of same age or who are even older desiring to be married.

So many singles are disturbed that they aren't married yet or not finding the right suitors coming their way but for the mere fact that you an eligible single who is sane and ready for marriage anytime soon with the opportunity to make a better choice in choosing a partner makes life much more beautiful for you.

Some people are so weighed down with the lack of certain things they do not have and the limitations they face in achieving a set goal forgetting the fact that they are still alive and healthy is enough reason to be hopeful and be grateful to God about. The sick in the hospitals are hopeful that they will be whole again and leave the hospital how much more you that is hail and hearty with your two legs intact to move about.

Get to see the beauty of the family you come from and belong to or have even if you are not getting all that you hoped for or imagined your family to be. Those who are in or grew up from orphanage homes long for a family like yours.

We all have our imperfections, limitations and challenges but these are the things that rather make our lives beautiful and give us beautiful stories to tell even unto the next generation.

Know your limitations and then spend time developing yourself. Bad experiences give you beautiful stories to tell.

Ever imagined your life without the challenges you faced and conquered? Trust me if you sit down for once and imagined your life without these challenges, you would realise your life would have been so boring as you won't be able to pass on core values and lessons from your life experiences unto the next generation, not even your children.

There are no perfect marriages, relationships, partners, homes or families and there is no one with a perfect life not even the ones who seem to have it all but in all these imperfections realise that all these things exist because you are still breathing and can bring out the beauty out of the imperfections surrounding you.

When life throws lemons at you make lemonades out of the lemons.

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What more is there than the beauty of being loved back by the one you love. When you find such a time as this, seize every moment of the joy that comes with it and be happy.

The true beauty of life is having the freedom to choose how you want to live your life but in doing so, choose to live a positive and healthy life.

After all being said, choose to make yourself happy as only you can truly make you happy no matter the circumstances surrounding you.

Appreciate and be grateful to God for the little things you have now and how far you have come in life and leave the things you long for to God trusting He will deliver at the right time.

Until your last breath, keep enjoying life, appreciate life and nature ( the sky, seas, plants, animals etc). Live life everyday like its your last. Life is too short to be worrying about the things you can do nothing about.

Quote for the day - " The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments. If you don't celebrate these, they will pass you by." - Alek Wek.

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