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It is commonly said that "When Life Gives you a Lemon,Make Lemonade Out It". This is a common saying associated with developing a positive attitude when faced with challenges in life or at a particular difficult moment in life.                        

Lemons are sour naturally in taste which connotes difficult times in life while lemonade is a sweet drink made out of sour lemons. lemonade connotes making the best out of ever difficult moment in life. In essence if you end up with something sour like a lemon find the sweetness that lies deeper in it.

When in difficult situations one thing you should look out for is the lesson in that situation. There is always a lesson to learn from every situation be it good or bad. I went through a challenge of recent and the lesson I learnt immediately was how people react to you when in a difficult time. I got to know the dynamics of human beings and it helped me better in dealing with each and every one like they are.

Be positive in your utterances and in your composure. Never say negative things indicating you are giving up. Take charge and control of the situation. Your composure shouldn't betray you either. See every challenge as a passing phase that will come and go in life. Our attitude in times like this will either help build or destroy us.

Be calm in that difficult time. Do not over stress yourself but rather think of a way out. Issues compound when we stress much.

Above all be grateful to God always in everything you go through in life. The fact that you are still breathing is a sign that you will come out strong and better. Being grateful makes you realize you are so much stronger considering past challenges you conquered.

Quote-"When Life gives you lemons,make lemonade from it and now you have a beverage to chill out"- Nikhil Joshi

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Rhoda Amapakabo

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