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There are certain days in life when we feel not good enough and in most cases these feelings emanate from people we come in contact with or relate with.

People have a way of making you feel not good enough either directly or indirectly but it behooves you to accept or decline their opinions of you. 

Other times, we inflict this pain of not feeling good enough on ourselves due to the feelings of dejection, rejections, disappointments and experiences of our past life style.

I have been here and witnessed all these at one point in my life or the other. I have seen and heard people talk down on me. 

I have faced rejections and disappointments severally and these have made me feel not good enough at certain points in my life. 

There were times I had even thought of giving up on my writing and speaking career because I once felt not good enough.

There are so many voices that will try to limit you and make you feel not good enough. Voices from friends, foes, relatives and even our own voices.

But you see, no one or circumstance has the right to make you feel not good enough at all except you let them. Not even you have that right because we are all good enough.

God never created anyone a mediocre or an average. We only become these with our limiting beliefs and accepting mediocre statements from others.

It's alright to feel the pain of rejection, disappointments, betrayals and even people talking down on you because of your mistakes or failures.

It's also okay to feel disappointed by you as result of your actions or inaction but you don't have to let it linger on, dwell on it or get stuck. You've got to pick yourself back up and keep moving.

You are good enough. If no one appreciates and sees you as good enough, that is on them not you. You do not need their validation to feel good enough or to get on with life.

Neither do you need to prove your self-worth or show how good enough you are to anyone. Whether they see and know it or not its not on you.

Life doesn't always give us what we want and not everyone will like you irrespective of how good you are to them or what you do for them. 

Even the people you go out of your way to be of help to and be nice will even at some point make you feel not good enough.

Until we get to that point where we see that we are all humans and that no one is perfect, then we would never get past people's negative words and actions towards us.

Realize that, even the people who do you wrong and say to you that you are not good enough aren't even perfect beings.


BELIEVE IN YOURSELF : Believe you are good enough irrespective of what happens or what life throws at you.

If life deals you a heavy blow and you see yourself in an unpleasant situation or circumstance, doesn't mean you are not good enough. Life happens to us all. 

Find your inner strength, encourage and motivate yourself to get back up. Find your feet and keep moving.

Be first your own motivation before anyone does. You've got to learn to encourage and motivate yourself first.

Believe in yourself even when people doubt your ability or capability. You know, when you think of the big picture in your head, you see yourself as capable enough.

Give it a short in reality as well. If you fail or fall, you know at least you tried than wondering what the result would have been if only you tried.

Irrespective of how many times you fall, get back up those number of times and keep moving forward. You only become a failure when you stay back on the ground.

No matter what anyone says to you, believe in your self. You may have failed and fallen several times but like they say "Failure is not fatal and success is not final." You are good enough to try one more time

As long as we are still alive, life continues to be a journey where we keep learning and learning as we grow and become successful. 

STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR GOALS : Set your eyes on the goals set. No matter what happens, let your goals and dreams be your motivation to keep going. 

If you believe in yourself, then believe you can achieve your goals and dreams irrespective of the present circumstance, predicament or what people say and think of you.  

RUN YOUR RACE : Stay on your lane and run your own race. Pursue your own goals running your race and maintaining your lane at your own pace.

Sometimes, the reason why we feel not good enough by people or of our own selves is because we want to run someone else's race.We want to be like others.

No matter what happens, even when it seems like others are getting ahead of you and seem to be going fast in their various crafts while you seem to be crawling or heading no where, still, maintain your lane and run your race. That is where your grace is. There is no grace in running someone else's race.

Keep moving irrespective of how slow it might seem. According to Martin Luther King (jnr) "If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward."

Don't give up on you or your dreams because people or circumstances try to make you feel not good enough. You alone are enough to live your dreams with God by your side.

And do not compare yourself with others. We all have our unique paths to follow and there is time for everything. 

A time of silence where you are being trained and a time for you to be announced to your world. Your time will definitely come.

KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE : While there are those who may not believe in you and life tends to make you feel not good enough, know that there are lots of people who believe in you and are ready to support you all the way with no strings attached.

There are lots of people who are desperate enough to show you how amazing you are even when you can't feel or see it yourself.

PRACTICE SELF-TALK: While people throw negative words or actions at you, build your inner-self and strength with positive self-talks.

Create positive words for yourself like mantras to counter every negative word or action thrown at you.

When people get so tough and hard at you, you do not have to be hard on yourself too. Treat yourself to nice words and see yourself bounce back.

Quote for the day - "And it is easy to believe you are not good enough if you listen to everybody else." - Mackenzie Astin

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