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How good and great it feels to witness another joyful season. We are all privileged to be alive to witness another Christmas and an incoming new year.

If you'd take a look around you, you would realize that not everyone who saw this year with you are alive to see this joyful moment. 

Therefore, we have every reason to be grateful to God to see another joyful season.

But then, everywhere you turn especially on all social media platforms, all we see and hear is the economic hardship everyone is experiencing.

People are beginning to feel the crunch and burn of the season. For me, I'm caught in between shopping for me, family and getting one or two persons at least a gift.

There are so many one would like to reach out to but restrained by the hard economy. This is enough to make one feel less joy and stressed out. 

Yet we can always find the little moments of joy in between. Irrespective of the hard economy or the price hike in everything, there is still joy in the little moments we find ourselves in. 

Looking back through the year 2021 and being alive till this very moment is enough for me to be grateful, thankful to God for and find the moments of joy.

You may not have all the things you had wished and hoped for. You may not be able to get all that you desire to have a fun-filed Christmas and a new year celebration but you can always find joy in the little moments you experience this season.

The happiest of people are those who find their joy even in small moments, activities or the little things we have.


1. BE GRATEFUL : First things first is to have a heart of gratitude towards God and man. First to God for keeping you alive and seeing you through the year despite the hardship that is associated with the year. 

A grateful heart is always a joyful heart because it finds reasons to be grateful in every little thing. It develops a deeper appreciation towards the gift of life.

We get so busy in life that we forget to thank God for the perceived small things we receive from Him daily. 

The smallest of things that we should be more grateful for such as the daily benefits from God, the gift of a new day, the gift of life, sound health to pursue our dreams and many others get lost in the middle of all our hustles.

Scientifically, it has been proven that being grateful keeps you happy, relaxed and makes you feel good. It keeps you hopeful and optimistic. You are healthier and sleep better when you are always grateful.

Stay grateful to those around you who have always been there for you in one way or the other in their own little ways. Anyone to whom gratitude is shown is likely to do much more for you.

2. BE CONTENTED : You may not have all it takes like you had hoped and wished for to have a great celebration but still be contented with what you have, who you are and where you are at the moment.

What you don't have today will be made sufficient and in abundance for you tomorrow. It just a matter of time.

Being contented with what you have at the moment can give you the best of fun this season. You only feel bad when you are focused on what you don't have. 

Contentment does mean the lack of desire to have more or go higher in life but that you are grateful for where you are, who you are and what you have at the moment while you trust God that things will get better and that the next turns of your life will be much better than where you are at the moment.

PLAN LESS : You do not need to plan big for the season especially looking at your financial state. Just get down to the basics and think of what is really needed, what you truly need to make the season joyful and memorable for you.

You can have low key fun yet memorable. You need not impress anyone just to look good but if you have the funds to make it big, why not?

GIVE :  Someone might be wondering what do I or can I give in this economic hardship when I don't even have enough for myself? Who would even give me?

The truth is, you can always give or share with someone from the little you have. You don't need to have so much to give so much and you don't need to give so much from the little you have. 

Even when nobody gives you, you can still share what you have with people around you. It is said that is more blessed to give than to receive.

The little you are able to give out to anyone is more than enough as long as it comes from the heart given willingly and cheerfully.

When you give, there is a joy you feel from inside of you and a sense of satisfaction is gained. When you are truly full of gratitude, you won't find it difficult to give from the little you have. 

You mustn't give to everyone around you but just one person is enough but if you can reach out to as many as possible then fine. There is great joy experienced when you give.

SPEND IT WITH LOVED ONES : Another major way of finding joy in this season is spending the holidays with your loved ones. 

Your loved ones include your significant other, family members, friends and even neighbors.

AND JUST IN CASE YOU ARE ALONE LIKE ME: There are fun ways to do it also. Get engaged in activities, go for a show, cook a good meal to eat, get yourself a good drink, watch good movies or you could just get a good sleep.

STAY FOCUSED : The year has been a rough one, stressful and uncertain. Too many challenges and difficulties even to the point of losses of properties and loved ones.

But here we are still standing strong despite the challenges, so we ought to stay focused on the moment. 

Instead of reminiscing on the negative things experienced in the year, stay focused on the small blessings that you can see and feel such as family, the gift of life, the works of your hands, sound health and mind.

This helps to bring into perspective what is happening now and not what may have happened in the past making you more appreciative and grateful to God.

With the above tips given above, you can have small moments of joy filled with laughter and contentment even with the little things you have.  It could be a small and quiet Christmas and new year celebration yet memorable and fun.

I appreciate everyone of you that has been following this blog and reading every post. Without you I wouldn't be here and get this far with this blog. 

Because of you, I get so much courage to go on. Lets do this again, keep doing it and do it even better next year. Wish you the top most top of 2022. 

Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year ahead. Love you all loads. 

Quote for the day - "May your holidays sparkle with moments of joy, laughter, love and goodwill.  And may the year ahead be full of contentment and joy. Happy holidays."

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