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While you try to do what others are doing, try to be like them and wanna go where they go, have you ever paused to think  if you have same destination as them?

Secondly, while you feel bad, sad, all moody and probably depressed about people who left your life, have you ever thought if they are going same way as you?

If anyone leaves your life, then they are not meant to be there in the first place so don't get all worked up. Move on.

Just because someone has been by your side for a number of years does not mean they have to be with you all through your life. They also have their lives, dreams, visions and purposes to live. 

There are people who would tell you today that they would always be with you but will leave you tomorrow. There are those who would say I love you today and do otherwise tomorrow.

Some people are seasonal. They are either there for a while for what they will benefit from you or the impact they will make in your life after which they are gone.

The people we meet or come across everyday have one role or the other to play in our lives and vice versa. Once this is achieved, they leave.

There are those who would come just to keep reminding you of your past. 

These kind of people will only get you stuck in the past. You don't need such people around you but people who would help you look ahead, forge ahead and keep you focused on what the future has for you.

There are also those who can't handle where you are going. It's either they don't understand where you are going or they are simply envious of your dreams. Remember Joseph and His brothers in the Bible? (Genesis 37:1-11).

There are also those who would hang around you for as long as possible so long as you are not a threat to them. The moment you begin to seem like a threat, they will leave you.

Such people will love you till eternity for as long as they feel better and bigger around you until the tables turn.

If you want everyone to like you, then keep pleasing everyone, stay in one place, do not aim higher or dream bigger. Just keep being below people. 

To go higher in life and to where God has destined you to be, you need people who believe in you, who would support you, encourage and not demoralize you, celebrate and not tolerate you, people who would rejoice with you and celebrate your victories and not envy you.

Some people would mock, ridicule and criticize you for your dreams and what you do because they don't see what you see or where you are going. 

You need not get all worked up for such people. They are sometimes part of what God will use to help you reach your goal in life.

Other times, it is you that need to stay away from certain people to experience growth. There are people who are simply destiny killers and discouragers. These kind of people can keep you stagnant for life.

That's why it is often said that you choose your friends wisely. Be sensitive enough about the people around you and those who are either for you or not for you.

It is only those who see where you are going to and understand it that will be there for you and go with you to the ends of the earth supporting you.

These are people God have assigned to be with you through thick and thin and stay with you because they are meant to be with you and support you.

God sure has a way of bringing the right people our path. People that will propel and help you reach your goal. 

Elisha and Elijah are a perfect example. These two people had a special relationship. Elisha was ready to be with Elijah and go wherever he goes till the end.

Anytime Elijah tells Elisha to stay somewhere (Bethel and Jericho), he would refuse and still follow Elijah (2 Kings 2:1-8).

Now, Elisha wasn't the only prophet following Elijah, there were others too called Sons of the prophet. About 50 of them but these prophets would stay afar off while Elisha kept on following. 

There were times they would even try to discourage Elisha by telling him that God would soon take Elijah away from him but that did not deter Elisha.

He wanted to see and stay till the very end because he understood the anointing on Elijah and saw afar off than the other prophets.

You do not need to follow the crowd to get to where you are going neither do you need the crowd to take you to where you want to be.

You need not beg people to stay in your life neither do you need to beg or persuade anyone to understand, support and share your dreams. 

Whoever wants to stay, would stay. Who ever wants to understand, support and share your dreams with you would do same.

If anyone walks away from you then you do not need them in your life. Your destiny is not tied to any one. The success of your dreams and visions is not dependent on anyone but God.

God who gave you the dream, vision and purpose to live knows how to make it happen for you as long as you stay in faith and courageous. 

Your destiny is not tied to those who walk away from you or despise you. Your destiny is in the hands of God.

When God wants to take you somewhere, He separates you from the crowd and from certain people. He takes you where the crowd can not go so you can grow into the next level of your life..

Not everyone will go where you are going, not everyone will see what you see, not everyone will know where God is taking you to nor hear what He says to you.

Because there are people who can't handle what God wants to do through you and in you, He separates you from the crowd and takes you where the crowd can not go.

Associating with the wrong crowd or persons can mess you and your dream up. They can prevent you from living your full potential and reaching your destiny. 

That's why the Bible says "Be not deceived: evil communication, corrupts good manners." (1 Corinthians 15:33).

When you begin to stay away from certain people, you will begin to hear words like "You've changed" Nah, you did not change, you simply know they are not on same path as you and you need no one to drag you down or make you lag behind.

Just know that, in life's journey, you are going to loose some people on the way and its okay because not everyone is meant to go where you are going. 

Quote for the day - "Champions always reach for the best in life...And refuse to settle for less. Champions stand out from the crowd...And will not accept mediocrity. Champions are willing to walk away from something they desire...To protect something else they love". Mike Murdock

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