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Have you ever heard someone or certain people say to you that you are different? I have heard such compliments. This simply means you are uncommon and unique.

At first I never knew what people meant when they say to me "you are different" but got to know as time went by.

You see, when you are uncommon, you are more easily recognized than when you try to behave like everyone else. 

It is so much easy to want to fit in the crowd, behave like every other person behaves, be like others,  seek validation from people and want to be on the good side of everybody without daring to stand out or have a voice of your own.

There is nothing common about you to want to behave commonly like everyone else. You are uncommon, extraordinary, unique, different and finely made to leave your uncommon mark on earth.

See, God created each and everyone of us unique and different from each other. And that's one major thing that makes the world go round beautifully well.

We all have our different gifts, talents, passions, visions etc to live here on earth. When you pursue your own dreams, you do not just find fulfillment and satisfaction but become an inspiration to others even for generations to come.

Years after you are gone, your story, deeds and life will continue to inspire others live their dreams.

Imagine a world where we are all the same, act the same, eat same food, think same way, go same places, have same dreams, same ideologies and same likes and dislikes. What a boring world it would be wouldn't it?

Yet we have so many people in the world who just want to be like others and live their kind of dreams probably because of the fame or wealth the people they emulate enjoy.

It takes courage to dare to to be you, to stand alone and stand out, to live differently, think outside the box, pursue and live your own dreams. It also takes courage to not want to compromise. your standard.

It takes nothing and no effort to do what every other person does but so much courage and discipline to stand out despite the odds.

The truth is, when you dare to be different and stand out, people will mock you, they will criticize you, talk behind you and before you. They will yab you and yimu you severally to the point that you would feel discouraged.

Some will even come to you and tell you what you do is rubbish or that you will amount to nothing with what you do because you refuse to do what everyone does.

What such people want to do is to bring you down to their level out of envy or jealousy, fear of you becoming greater and better than they are or because they are uncomfortable of how different you are from them.

When you see all these, then it is a sign that you are uncommon. Your star can only shine the brightest when you stand out but you dull your sparkle when you tend to behave like everyone else.

Because you know the stuff you are made off, you are not deterred by the challenges you face but rather soar higher with the challenges faced.

No wonder the eagle is the most respected bird among every other bird. It soars alone and takes advantage of the storm to soar even higher than any other bed without flapping its wings. It doesn't need to fit in. That's why it stands out.

You are an eagle meant to soar higher than your contemporaries living the life of your dreams and no one else's. 

According to Oprah Winfrey "The biggest adventure you can ever take in life is to live the life of your dreams".

You were created to stand out and not to fit in. You were created to do the uncommon and not the common, created to do the extraordinary and not ordinary.

And because you are uncommon, you do common things in uncommon ways, ordinary things in an extraordinary ways and with this, you command the attention of the world.

You need not compromise your standard just to flow with the crowd and do what everybody does. There is nothing special about being common but there is power in daring to be different.

An uncommon person is a person with a high standard and not a mediocre. A person well disciplined enough not to compromise.

Daring to be different makes God open doors of favor for you, it makes you stand before kings (Proverbs 22:29). 

It is your uncommonness and unique gifts that pave way for you (Proverbs 18:16) not what everybody does.  

Your uncommonness opens up uncommon doors of favor and opportunities for you. It also brings you honor, makes you meet uncommon people, takes you to uncommon places resulting to uncommon success.

So then, how do you become uncommon?

You become uncommon by daring to be different, living your own dreams and no one else's. Search within you and know what your passion and dream is and follow it despite the odds. 

You are fully loaded to do you and live you so no needle trying to be someone else, no need wishing you were someone else and no need running someone else's race. Run your own race and be you. Your are much more powerful being you.

Quote for the day - "What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you make". - Jane Goodall

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