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Everyone of us have had to wait for one thing or the other in life. While some of the things we wait for come to us as quickly as expected or before the time we had expected, other things take way longer than expected.  This waiting period can be so frustrating, discomforting, difficult, excruciating and even full of anxiety making it seem like, God is silent to our prayers. In all these, while the waiting might seem like an unanswered prayer, or taking too long to be answered, God is behind the scene pulling strings in our favor and planning something big for us. He hasn't answered because He knows its not yet time for you too receive it or that you are not ready for what He has in store for you, so He is getting you prepared while you wait. The waiting period is  a journey that God is taking you through, a process where we learn to develop ourselves, learn new things, be stronger and wiser in preparation of what God has in store for us. While we are interested in the destination,


  Rivers State Deputy Governor Dr. Mrs. Ipalibo Harry Banigo says the State Chief Executive Nyesom Ezenwo Wike is not only health friendly but he Infuses Health. Rivers State Deputy Governor, Dr. (Mrs.) Ipalibo Harry Banigo conferring with the National President, Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Prof. Innocent Ujah during a Courtesy Visit at the Government House, Port Harcourt on the 15 th  Oct. 2020. Dr. Banigo stated this while playing host to a delegation of the Nigerian Medical Association at the Government House in Port Harcourt on Thursday 15 th  October, 2020.   Dr. Banigo said “we did not need to have a Deputy Governor as a medical doctor to prompt him to action, he by himself infuses health, he believes, thinks and acts health in all that he does”.   According to the Deputy Governor, “there are two areas he does not joke with, one is health and the other is education and of course social sectors like security so we are very lucky in Rivers State to have him as our Governor”


Between adolescence and youth ages, people are prone to learn and engage in various habits. Smoking hemps and cigarettes, drinking alcohol, gangster bandwagon, criminal tendencies and the likes are habits learnt from these age ranges.  Whether these guys will grow with these habits into middle and old ages is a question of management, guidance and realization. For some, the same habit kills them (whichever way) some manage to get by with accompanying health hazards and the “lucky ones” stay alive with no side effects….for now, I guess.  Changing peoples’ lifestyles is neither for the principal nor for the influencer or catalyst (mother, father, spouse, etc, whoever is trying to make us change). This is because habits are enjoyable (that’s why we are in them in the first place) and they get embedded into our systems with time.  I might not have a good advice for the influencer or catalyst in the context of these notes, but the focus of my notes is to the principals (the indulger).  You


  As Nigeria celebrates her Diamond Jubilee Independence Day Anniversary on October 1 st    2020, Rivers State Deputy Governor Dr. Mrs. Ipalibo Harry Banigo has expressed optimism that Nigeria will be great again.   In a statement from the Government House in Port Harcourt on Wednesday, 30 th  September, 2020, Dr. Banigo urged Nigerians to highlight the ties that binds us together as a people and eschew all forms of divisive tendencies, like nepotism, ethnic  chauvinism, and religious bigotry.   According to the Deputy Governor 60 years of Independence is a great mile stone and it behoves on all Nigerians to re commit themselves to nation building by intentionally taking the right action at all times irrespective of the circumstances, noting that it is an elixir to promote socio-economic and political growth.    Dr.  Banigo who felicitated with the State Chief Executive Nyesom Ezenwo Wike and the good People of Rivers State on the occasion wished all Nigerians well.