Everyone one wants to be successful and feel successful. For some people, being successful is having wealth, fame, power, education, being married and lots of other things. 

We most times desire these things because we see them happening in the lives of others especially with social media clouts where it would seem like your life is heading nowhere.

With social media, there are people who have a vague or narrow minded definition of what success is.

Spending much time on social media will make you think success is having a perfect relationship, having great follower-ship, building wealth or amassing a large social media following.

Society has also placed certain standards on what success is. Society would say, if you are not married, you are not successful. If you haven't attained a certain height in education, you are not successful.

Society would even say, if you do not have a certain amount of money in your bank account, then you are not successful. If you do not have fame like "who knows you" then you are a nobody therefore you aren't successful. 

Having such things or people with such things are not wrong in their own way, what makes it wrong is trying to be like them or defining success according to their life patterns. Being like them will never make you a successful person in life but a frustrated human being.

While all these are good to have or obtain, the question is, what is the definition of your own success? Is your success defined or determined by the thoughts, opinions or lives of others?

It's OK to value the opinions and hopes of others, but not necessary to adopt them as yours. You can define your success around your own values, hopes and dreams.

Don't be the type that is easily moved by the crowd but by your own passion and resilience for life despite how many times you fall?

According to Winston Churchill, success is not final and failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts." So, irrespective of how many times you fail or fall, stand up and pursue your own success.

Success is succeeding in successions irrespective of how many times you may have fallen or failed in what you do. Every step you take towards the achievement of your dreams is success in progress.

Most successful men today did not just become successful overnight neither did they try emulating or letting others define their success. The pressed on with the definition of their own success ( their dreams).

These men experienced great failures in life before they became successful and today are an inspiration for others.

One of such perfect example of a man who lived by the definition of his own success despite how many times he failed yet succeeded at the end was Abraham Lincoln.

Generally, success is perceived to be all encompassing in every aspect of life, family, career,wealth, education health and spiritual development. Around this definition comes your definition of what you want in life.

Late Jim Rohn once said "If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you will fall into someone else's plan ." 

When you fail to define your success, you will end up living someone else's dreams and you will only realize this after you must have gotten to the top and burned out.

What probably makes one person happy and feel successful is not same for others. For some, the mere thought of putting smiles on the faces of others is success for them. 

For others, it could be the ability of finding time to stay alone all by themselves while for some, it is establishing a business or having a social media presence.

Each time I finish an article like this and publish, it is success for me and it gives me a sense of fufilment. 

For me, success is being able to be at peace with myself irrespective of the circumstance. Success for me is also accomplishing every single task at hand despite the challenges. 

Each person's success is different from the others so trying to be like another person is effort in futility. 

When you look at your own life and the way you do your things, can you confidently say you are successful without comparing yourself to what others do?

If the answer is no, then the problem is the lack of clarity of what we want for our ourselves but measuring it with the success of others, money, status and social media clouts.

Do not fall into the trap of comparing yourself with others because you are not a counterfeit but an original. 

You are extraordinary, unique, a masterpiece and one of a kind. you were not created to be someone else or to copy someone else. You were created to be uniquely you. 

Our present generation has a high tendency of falling into depression when they seek perfection or try to be like some other persons.

We must endeavour to go through the process of defining our own success and not letting others do it for us

The only way you can have a clear cut definition of your success is having clarity of what you want for yourself and what really makes you happy.

QUOTE FOR THE DAY - "Your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life." - Steve Jobs


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