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One major thing that makes the world go round and beautifully well is the act of love. Love for God, love for one's self, love for spouses, love for children and love for others. It is the absence of love for God and humanity in most cases that causes chaos, conflicts, hatred, envy, dangerous jealousy and even anger  in the world at large. It is the act of selfishness that makes one man to bring another down.

WHAT IS LOVE? Love is being selfless. It is being able to go beyond your feelings irrespective of the actions or affiliations of others. It is being able to display the acts of kindness, empathy, patience, perseverance, affection, gratitude, giving,  faithfulness, endurance, sacrifice, forbearance etc. When you are able to deny your feelings and do all these irrespective of the kind of relationship you are in, then you are expressing true love.

No relationship is difficult but the complexities and selfishness of some people in relationships that make certain relationships seem difficult. The selfishness of one man makes the other to believe that relationships are difficult.

In order to for us to effectively express and experience love, we must first understand the different kinds of love.


1. AGAPE : This is an unconditional, pure, perfect and sacrificial kind of love. It is the God's kind of love for one another and the highest form of love anyone can experience or experience. This kind of love is unselfish but caring and putting others first. It is the kind of love that enables you to make sacrifices for the happiness of others. A great example of such love is the death of Jesus on the cross to save humanity.

2. STORGE LOVE : This kind of love is the love that exists in families. It is expressed between parents and children and between siblings.

3. EROS LOVE : This love is the kind of love that is expressed between lovers or spouses. It is the sexual, physical and romantic kind of love.

4. PHILIA LOVE : This kind of love can also be referred to as platonic love which is devoid of sex when relating with the opposite sex. It is the kind of love that is expressed between friends. It is a deep sense of love or affection for a friend(male or female).

5. PHILAUTIA LOVE : This is love for oneself. Not the selfish kind of love that tries to pull another down for a selfish gain but a sincere love for yourself. This is being able to be affectionate with yourself just as you try to be with someone else. The truth is, you can't effectively love someone else when you can't love yourself. To be able to experience this love, you have to look after yourself and take care of yourself in every sense of the word.

6. PRAGMA LOVE: This love is the kind of love that develops over time and endures irrespective of the circumstance. Unlike eros love that tends to fade with time, pragma love stands the test of time. This love is exemplified in couples who have been together for long period of time yet still happy together. Their love has developed and matured over time leading to uncommon understanding between this two.

7. LUDUS LOVE : This kind of love is also referred to as playful love  mostly experienced or expressed by young lovers or couples. It is that kind of love that one experiences or feels at the initial stage of meeting someone new and falling in love. It is the child like love that couples who have been together for years can still express to one another to keep the spice of romans active in their relationship.

8. MANIA LOVE : This kind of love is also known as possessive love which is the unhealthy kind of love that drives people crazy. This kind of love is expressed by people who have low self esteem of themselves believing if they can't have a person then they can't go on living or no one else would have that person. To them, being loved and loved back gives them a sense of value or reason for living. It is dangerous to express or experience this kind of love.

Love is indeed beautiful if only we understand it perfectly. Understanding the different kinds of love is vital to having healthy and great relationships with everyone we come across.

Quote for the day - "If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have faith that can move mountains but do not have love, I am nothing." (1st Corinthians 13:2). 

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