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Last week, in the The Beauty of Love series we looked at what love is and the different kinds of love which can be seen here. Today,  we would be looking at the 5 love languages. According to Dr. Gary Chapman in his book, "The Five Love Languages" written in 1995, there are five love languages that every human being exhibits one way or the other. These five love languages describe how we all express and feel love in unique ways. Understanding these love languages enables you to effectively understand your partner better which in turn strengthens your relationship

Below are the 5 love languages;

1. WORDS OF AFFIRMATION : There are those who respond to words of affirmation such as "I love you" "you are beautiful" "I appreciate you" "You look great" much better than anything else. They are glad when you give them words of compliments and appreciation. Hearing such words from their partners make them feel loved and unloved when they don't hear such words. You are either good at giving words of affirmation or receiving it.

2. QUALITY TIME : Some other person's love language is having to spend quality time with a loved one. these kind of people get frustrated if they don't get to spend quality time with the one they love because to them, feeling loved is measured by the amount of time their significant other spends with them.

3. ACTS OF SERVICE : Here, a person expresses his or her love by simply doing things for the other person such as cooking, washing and generally taking care of the other person's needs just to make him/her happy.

4. RECEIVING GIFTS : Some people feel loved when they constantly receive gifts from their partners or give gifts to their partners. In this case, you either express your love by giving gifts or feel loved by receiving gifts.

5. PHYSICAL TOUCH : For some, simple gestures such as holding of hands is an expression of love either by holding the other person's hands or by being held by a loved one. Other forms of physical touch include cuddling, kissing or having sexual intercourse.

Can you identify your love language and that of your partner's? If no, take your time and study your partner to see what love language he or she responds to or expresses best. Knowing and understanding each other's love language strengthens your relationship. 

Quote for the day - "Love is  something you do for someone else not something you do for yourself." - Dr. Gary Chapman

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