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The Rivers State Government says it is always committed to a united and prosperous Rivers State that works for everybody who lives and works in the State.

Governor Wike stated this during the inter denominational Church Service in Commemoration of the 59th Nigeria’s Independence Day Anniversary at St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Rumuodalu Parish on Sunday 29th September, 2019.
Represented by his Deputy, Dr. Mrs. Ipalibo Harry Banigo, Governor Wike said “We are committed to the social contract we have made with our people, we would make their lives better and we also pray the same for our national leadership so the nation can see itself as a nation of people of different leanings but who are one under God so that the nation can move forward”.
According to the Governor at 59, Nigeria is at cross roads with lots of challenges bedevilling us but there is no time better than now to blend as a people, noting that if we put our hearts to it we can overcome what seems impossible because we have what…


Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike says the books written by Pastor Mrs. Nonyem Numbere has continued to be a source of blessing to people within and outside the Church.

Governor Wike disclosed this during the 70th Birthday celebration of Dr. (Mrs) Nonyem Numbere and the presentation of her new book titled “Kingdom Living Studies for Bible Believers (Book 1 and Work Book”) in Port Harcourt on Saturday, 28th September, 2019.
The Governor who spoke through his Deputy Dr. Mrs. Ipalibo Harry Banigo commended Mrs. Numbere for carrying out the mandate the late founder of Greater Evangelism World Crusade, Apostle G.D. Numbere left behind, stressing that she has not disappointed the body of Christ.

Governor Wike who congratulated Dr. Mrs. Numbere on her 70th Birthday expressed delight that the enemy could not cut short God’s plan for her life, noting that evangelism would continue until our lord Jesus Christ comes.
Governor Wike who commended the author for the book presentation, expressed…


It feels good when we all get compliments from people. It feels good when what we do is appreciated and commended by people. When you get a pat on the shoulder for a job well done, it sure feels good. When you live your big dream or showcase your potentials and people are appreciative of what you do and praise you for it, it sure feels good. When you post pictures and other posts on social media platforms like facebook, twitter or instagram, it feels good when people like and comment good things on your posts. When spouses are being complimented by each other, they both feel good and happy.  There is nothing wrong when you get validations from people and neither is it harmful. It feels good when we get validated, approved and praised for what we do and how we look. These validations sometimes if not in most cases encourages us to do more or better but then, what is the problem with people's validation?

Those who seek the validation of people at all times lack emotional intelligen…


Rivers State Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has commended the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) for its contributions in the quest to improve health care delivery in the State.

Governor Wike disclosed this while playing host to members of the Rivers State Branch of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria at the Government House in Port Harcourt on Thursday, 26th September, 2019.
Represented by his Deputy Dr. Mrs. Ipalibo Harry Banigo, Governor Wike said the PSN’s commitment in the war against drug and substance abuse in the State is praise worthy.
He urged them to partner with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency and other critical sectors that have played a role to stem the tide of drug and substance abuse, noting that most of the crimes committed by young adults are propelled by drug and substance abuse.
Governor Wike who said his Administration is committed to job creation disclosed that the Integrated Medical Industries which has been moribund for years would be revived to produc…


Rivers State Deputy Governor Dr. Mrs. Ipalibo Harry Banigo says marriage is a veritable tool that attracts the blessings of God into the lives of couples.
The Deputy Governor stated this during the wedding ceremony of Sharon Gogo Abbey and Emmanuel Jacob at the Omega Power Ministries, Tombia Street, GRA, Port Harcourt on Saturday 21st September, 2019.

 Dr.  Banigo who said God would help the couple to achieve exploits beyond their imagination, stressed that the Holy Spirit has taken control and would continue to lead them to greater heights.
She commended the General Overseer of Omega Power Ministries (OPM) Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere for exhibiting practical Christianity and the fatherly role he is playing in the lives of the Rivers People.
“We thank God for the great work you are doing for our youths in the State, the way you have rehabilitated and carried them along, the free schools, free feeding and hospitals”. She stressed.
Earlier the General Overseer of Omega Power Ministries, Apostl…


Hitting rock bottom is something none of us want to experience and most of us don't really know how to handle it when we feel like we've hit rock bottom. When people say they have hit rock bottom, it means they have gotten to the lowest point in their lives. A point where it seems like all hope is lost, no way out and like they can't move on in life again. Sometimes, it is due to the loss of a loved one, failed relationships, loss of a job, crumbled businesses, decline in health and so on. This is what in most cases causes depression, mental insanity leading to failed health, heart attack and then ultimately suicide. Sometimes it's our insecurities that tend to weigh us down. The fear of being criticised if we speak up when we know we have the answers in us or that what we ought to say could turn the life of someone around. Other times, it is the fear of living our dreams for fear of failure or criticism. What happens at this time is that you are probably overthinking…


As part of efforts to stem the ugly of strangling young women to death in hotels and other places.

Rivers State Deputy Governor Dr. Mrs. Ipalibo Harry Banigo has advised young people especially Women to exercise extreme caution in their social lives,
In a statement from the Government House in Port Harcourt on Monday 16th September, 2019   Dr. Banigo said “as a mother who has gone through the three trimesters of pregnancy and labour she understands how it feels to lose a grown up child in such a gruesome manner”.
She also warned them not to follow friends or strangers to any destination or business meeting without notifying family members of their movement, stressing that they must resist the temptation of accepting lifts, food or drinks from strangers to avoid being drugged, abducted, raped or killed.
The statement further advised people to ensure that there is a little air time in their phones to call or send sms for help in the event of an emergency.


In these series of hard work that comes in form of questions, we had looked at the question Is hard work character? which was treated here → is-hard-work-character.html and it was established that hard work is not just character but builds character . Now the question is, does hard work without character lead to success? Even when hard work builds character, there are some character traits in people that no matter how hard working they are, they never achieve success. Hard work is not enough to achieve success but the character we portray while we work goes a long way to determine how successful we become.

A company can decide to hire a very hardworking person but if this person has no good character, then that company is in a whole lot of troubles. Even when the company experiences some form of produce from the hard worker, it won't be worth it as a result of the bad character exhibited by the employee.  Whether an employee or a self employ…


The question is a hard work a character? As well as other questions relating to hard work was thrown to me by a friend who also felt the need for me to write on it and share. The other questions relating to hard work will come subsequently. Now, is hard work really a character? For me, the answer is yes. It is not just a character but a character builder as well, but then, who is a hard worker? A hard worker is one who is willing to learn, adapt to changes/news things and willing to grow. A hard worker aspires to be the best and get ahead of others. One who is hardworking will always focus on growth, knowledge and experience while he/she will also seek out ways to develop and improve on him/herself. Being a hard working person is not just about being knowledgeable but willing to put in the effort. It takes a diligent person who wants to succeed in life to be hardworking.

The willingness to work hard is considered a good trait in every society and its rewarded in well established orga…


Rivers State Deputy Governor Dr. Mrs.  Ipalibo Harry Banigo has urged Christians to ensure that they do things that would bring Glory to the Almighty God at all times.

Dr. Banigo stated this during the opening ceremony of the 2019 Annual Diocesan Sunday School Conference of the Niger Delta Diocese of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion on Wednesday, 4th September 2019.
Represented by her Director of Administration, Ben Robert, Dr. Banigo who said the State Government would continue to partner with the Church in its activities expressed the hope that the Sunday School Conference would positively impact on the lives of participants.
The Deputy Governor while urging participants to take time off to enjoy the traditional hospitality of the Rivers People disclosed that Rivers State is very safe and stressed that the State Government under the watch of Governor Wike would continue to provide a favourable environment for businesses to thrive.
In her remarks the Chairman of the Occasion Dam…


There are indications that the Obuama Water Project initiated and executed by the Rivers State Deputy Governor Dr. Mrs. Ipalibo Harry Banigo would soon be put to use.

This follows the inauguration of a 9-man Committee to facilitate the Commissioning of the Project at the Government House in Port Harcourt.
Represented by her Special Assistant on Legal Matters, Barrister Ishmael BlueJack, Dr. Banigo said the Committee is saddled with the responsibility to ensure that the Water Project which is very important to the Community is commissioned for use within the shortest possible time.
 Dr. Banigo who said the report must be submitted within 12 days urged them to draw up a programme of activities for the commissioning and ensure the community is sensitized and mobilized to put the facilities to good use.
In his response the Chairman of the Committee, Ben Robert who thanked the Deputy Governor for giving them the opportunity to serve, assured her that the committee would take necessary actions …