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This book is a must read for the budding entrepreneurs or start-ups; the seasoned entrepreneurs, the would-be entrepreneurs; business people, workers, civil servants, bankers, public servants, and anybody that wants to be successful in life and business. This work is developed from the many years experience of the author in banking and business. It will help you to 
achieve riches and wealth in your life and career.

Nigeria is at its critical times politically as  as economically. No doubt there is need for every Nigerian to brace up to the changing times. Are you angry at the government for not doing enough to stabilize the economy? Your life is in your hands. Reading and reflecting on the words of this book, "Africapitalism" can re-energize you to come out of your comfort zone and change the status-quo not only for yourself but the country at large. The words of this book speaks about the basis of forming an opinion for your financial progress and also call attention to the values for every business person; young or 
old; big or small. We have in our hands the result of real life experience and thorough research by our amiable business adviser,
Great Attah to embrace each passing day in our entrepreneurial journeys for beginners to start well and for those that have been in business to improve in their service and product delivery and eventually, reaping the right profit. May this book provoke the entrepreneurial giant in all of us!
I recommend this work for all Nigerians and Africans at large.

Francis A. Zirra
Associate, International Strategic Management Institute.
Author, The Prodigal Fadas


Great Attah

Sani Baba Great Attah popularly called Great Attah is a banker with over 10 years 
experience, having worked in 3 major Nigerian Banks, in key sectors like Marketing Department, Credit Analysis and Branch Management. He is also a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, business consultant, management consultant, insightful teacher and an author. He is married to Victoria Attah and they are blessed with children.

The Budding Entrepreneur is available in hard copy and in electronic form as an E-Book. And both sell for just #500 only, Nigerian currency. If needed in electronic form, it will be given to you for down load and if hard copy, will be sent to you after purchase.

You can make you payments into ;

Sani Baba Great Attah 0026076572 GTBank


Great Attah: 

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