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Rivers State Deputy Governor, Dr. (Mrs) Ipalibo Harry has commended the David Bassey Ikpeme Foundation and Homes, for giving the vulnerable and less privileged children a life line.
The Deputy Governor made this commendation during an outreach visit to the Children’s home to present food and other items at Eagle Island in Port Harcourt on Wednesday, 25thJuly, 2018.
Represented by her Senior Special Assistants Inegogo Fubara, Dr. Banigo said she was amazed by the great work the foundation was doing for the children, describing their action as laudable.
According to her she was at the home to extend a hand of fellowship to the children as part of her outreach programme for orphans and expressed delight to see that the children are well fed and kept.
In her response the Executive Director of the Bassey Ikpeme Foundation and Homes Mrs. Koko Bassey said the foundation is not known as an orphanage or motherless baby’s home because the children are raised in a close knit family setting.

She said …


One core ingredient for the survival of a relationship or marriage is communication and for us to have an effective communication in our relationships, we must understand the love language of our partners. Understanding the love language of your partner will go a long way to give your relationship or marriage a lasting and satisfying one. Getting to know the language of your partner is so vital that it becomes hard for that relationship to collapse or for any one to come in-between you two and when you get this right, a common language is developed in your relationship.

The significance of  a common language is demonstrated in the story of the tower of babel told in the Bible. In Genesis, we see the story of a people at that time speaking one language and set themselves a task to build a city with a tower that reaches heaven. God noticed the secret behind their unity to achieve this task which was the common language they shared and had. This same language served as their strength an…


Rivers State Deputy Governor Dr. (Mrs.) Ipalibo Harry Banigo has urged inmates of the Degema Prisons to understand that there is hope for a brighter future outside the prison walls.

Dr. Banigo stated this while presenting food items for the upkeep of the in mates and lodgers of the Degema Prison as part of her Prisons Outreach Programme at the Degema Prison on Thursday, 19th July 2018.
Speaking through her Senior Special Assistant Mrs. Inegogo Fubara, Dr. Banigo said the prison outreach programme was aimed at giving hope and succour to inmates according to the Bible instruction in Hebrews 13:3.

The Deputy Governor advised them to use their period of incarceration to acquire skills and a time of sober refection, noting that there is still hope for a brighter future.
According to her the State Chief Executive, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike is transforming Rivers State with a lot of developmental programmes, to encourage investments and make the State more viable, like the  award of scholarships and th…


Rivers State Deputy Governor Dr. (Mrs.) Ipalibo Harry Banigo has advised Girls and Women facing any form of abuse, especially sexual abuse to speak out in order to be protected.

The Deputy Governor stated this following the successful rescue of an 18 year old girl from the hands of her guardian Chief Promise Sydney whom she alleged has been sexually abusing her for the past 9 years.
Dr.  Banigo who spoke through her Senior Special Assistant, Mrs. Inegogo Fubara expressed delight that the Sex and Sex Abuse Mentorship Exercise organized by The Protect the Girl Child Initiative, Office of theDeputy Governor at the Federal Government Girls College Abuloma yielded dividends.
According to her a few days after the event an SS 3 student confessed to the School authorities that her guardian has been abusing her sexually since she was 9 years old.
She said the Protect the Girl Child Initiative team of the Deputy Governor’s Office contacted theInternational Federation of Female Lawyers (FIDA) and th…


The Deputy Governor of Rivers State Dr. (Mrs.) Ipalibo Harry Banigo has called on members of the Anglican Youth Fellowship (AYF) to maintain their consistency in following the tenets and precepts of God.

Dr. Banigo made this call during the 2018 Annual Bible Study Conference, organized by the Anglican Youth Fellowship (Nigeria), Niger Delta Diocesan Council at St John’s Anglican Church, Port Harcourt on Sunday, 16th July 2018.
Represented by her Senior Special Assistant, Administration, Barr. Gilbert Nria, Dr. Banigo said because of the perilous times we are in today it is a challenge for youths to be on the part of righteousness, especially in a world besieged by violence, cultism and other social vices and expressed delight that members of the AYF were on the right track.

The Deputy Governor said the State Chief Executive Nyesom Ezenwo Wike approved the setting aside of two hundred million naira (N200M) monthly interest free loan to traders and young entrepreneurs in the State as part …


Rivers State Deputy Governor, Dr. (Mrs.) Ipalibo Harry Banigo says Bishop Samuel Elenwo played a great role in the introduction of Contemporary Church Music and African Native Air in the Church of Nigeria (Anglican) Communion.

Dr. Banigo stated this while speaking as a Guest Lecturer at the Bishop Samuel Elenwo 9thAnnual Memorial Lecture at St Paul’s Anglican Church Okporowo Ogbakiri, Diocese of Ikwerre in Emohua Local Government Area on Saturday 14th July, 2014
Represented by her Special Assistant Legal, Barr. Ishmael BlueJack, Dr. Banigo who spoke on the theme “Contemporary Church Music and African Native Air, Successes and Challenges in Evangelism” said the purpose of music in worship is to create shared experiences, speak to the emotions present in the liturgy and impart a sense of deeper theological understanding.

The Deputy Governor said what we have today especially in the old Niger Delta Diocese comprising, the present day Niger Delta,  Niger Delta North, Okrika, Ikwerre, Evo, Og…


How can one say God makes sense when we face so many challenges and difficulties in life? We pray and fast but yet it feels like He is far away or does not here us. We build a strong faith and put our hope in Him yet we don't see Him come to our rescue when we need Him most or want him to.

In our heads, it's the kind of future we wanna have, the kind of spouses we want and need, the kind of homes we crave to have, the dreams and visions we want to pursue and achieve but each time we try, we fail and don't see our dreams come to pass as soon as we want it or how we want it. We pray and possibly fast to achieve this but to no avail and we say God makes sense?

We see our peers making it at every ramification of life, but for us, it seems there is no way out like it isn't the same God we proclaim created everyone. You see yourself as very alright and having all that is needed to accomplish that which you desire but to know avail yet we say God makes sense?

We ask and its n…


Rivers State Deputy Governor Dr. (Mrs.) Ipalibo Harry Banigo says the Protect the Girl Child Initiative of her office has identified sex abuse as one of the major problems affecting children, physically and psychologically.

The Deputy Governor stated this during a Sex and Sex Abuse Mentorship Exercise organized by the Office of the Deputy Governor, as part of the Protect the Girl Child Initiative programme of her office at the federal Government Girls Collage in Abuloma.
Represented by her Senior Special Assistant Mrs. Inegogo Fubara, Dr. Banigo said the issue of sex and sexual abuse has become very rampant in the society today, noting that the narrative on sex is also changing.

According to her“most mistakes young people make today are sexually related that is why it has become necessary to let them know about the dangers of premarital sex in a bid to help protect their destinies”.
Dr. Banigo who disclosed that 12 girls drawn, from the Assemblies of God Church are being mentored in the s…


Rivers State Deputy Governor Dr. (Mrs.) Ipalibo Harry Banigo has advised girls of school age to remain focused, work hard and have faith in God in order to succeed in life.

Dr Banigo stated this while playing host to some teachers and students of the Federal Government Girl’s College Abuloma, as part of her Mentorship Programme for the Girl Child at the Government House in Port Harcourt.
Dr. Banigo who said the Almighty God had predestined them to be the best in their chosen career choices stressed that they must shun everything that could make them derail from actualizing their dreams.
She commended the students and the school management for their outstanding performance in their academics.
In her remarks Rosemond Ubani, the teacher who led the delegation disclosed that the girls who look up to the Deputy Governor as their mentor came out tops in their classes, noting that in the continuous assessment which is conduced twice in a term the girls came out tops in their various classes.