While growing up as the only girl amongst three wonderful brothers, there was no time I felt like the only girl. The only thing that differentiated me from my brothers was sex.

I had a wonderful childhood experience with my brothers. Every game they played as boys while growing up, it was either I joined in the game or watched as they played on. There was this particular game we called "Super Man" (guess we manufactured the game as I haven't seen any home that played it) in which my elder brother would lift us up with his legs and our fingers locked with his.
With these guys who are now great men in there various endeavors, I never felt like the only girl and surprisingly, I did not turn out a tomboy 😁.

And my sweet great mum, ( of blessed memory) a disciplinarian to the core who left no stone unturned to make sure she got the right values, morals and ethics instilled in us. She had no time pampering me as the only girl but would rather discipline me like she did my brothers or would I say I got the most part of the discipline? I think my brothers can answer that better 😁.
While growing as a little girl, there were times I wondered if I was the only girl because at that time, I also saw only girls who were pampered and given all they wanted but today, am so glad, blessed and  grateful she brought me up the way she did.
She taught me how to be a strong and independent woman, how to carry myself in a positive light no matter the circumstance and she made me feel what ever my brothers can do I can do as well.
While she made me work and walk with my brothers like we are of same sex, she still taught me how to carry myself as a woman, no wonder I never turned a tomboy.

With my mum, we lived in a world of our own, it was always us against the world. She taught us self discipline, independence, contentment, industrious life style and how to look out for each other. Today even in her absence while she rests on, we stand tall on her shoulders. When I look at certain things happening around me, I bless and magnify God for giving me a great mum and I thank her  every day of my life for making me the woman I am today.

My dad, A gentle and wise man to the core, who isn't as strict as my mum but is the type who would listen to you first before saying a thing or two to you. In his words, you find wisdom. Till this day, I can't remember my dad raising a hand on us, the best I've seen him do is slightly knock on the head with his fingers.
He hardly beats, but when he speaks, you have no choice but to listen and obey because you never want to tremble hearing that deep voice again.
It would surprise you to know that while growing up as a young girl/lady with guys coming around me, my dad was the first to teach me sex education. He made me understand how a sperm fertilizes an egg in the ovaries resulting into pregnancy. He did not give or leave that responsibility to my mum because he was a man but rather took it upon himself to teach me as the father he is to his daughter not believing its only a woman's duty to her daughter.

Now don't get me wrong. My family wasn't or isn't a perfect one. We never had it all rosy. We had our tough and rough times, lacks, differences and fights.
We weren't just in a house but in a home where we weathered all of life's storms and reveled in sunshine.
When we lacked, no one knew. Even when we had only garri to drink, we did it with joy.

My parents weren't rich and did not send us to the best of schools but we got just the right education we needed. We were cared and provided for with the little they had. We felt safe and secure with and in each other's arms. Every part of the house was a safe haven for us.

The four corners of each room wasn't enough to make us feel at home but the love we had for each other and the kind of relationship we shared made the house a home.

Appreciate your home and the family you are coming from no matter the circumstance you find yourself. I've heard people complain about the the kind of house they grew up from and how they wished they had come into another family. I might not understand how you feel but trust me at the end of the day, you will find your root and go back to your family when the ships go down. No one will understand you like your family members. Learn to create that lovely environment you never had but wish to have with your family members.

If no one in your family sees the need to make your house homely, you can do the needful.

Quote for the day.

"Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave but not our hearts". - Oliver Wendell Holmes.


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