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Valentine's day is mostly a day looked out for by lovers. It is seen as a day set aside for lovers only.

Well, Valentine's day isn't just for lovers but also for friends and family members. As a single, it is also a day you can take out time and give yourself a treat.

But this write up isn't for all that. To get more on how to celebrate valentine's day with your lover, friends, family, and as a single, read:


The essence of this write up is to give you quotes on the true perspective of love so you have an idea of what love is when it finds you if still single and if in a relationship.

Love is a great feeling when experienced.

Lovely  quotes below.

It feels good to love,
but the feeling of being
Loved back by the one
You love gives you the greatest
Joy there is to experience.
The feeling is enormous.

It is either all or nothing.
Never settle for less
Nor compromise your standard.
The best awaits you. Be patient.

True love seeks for your happiness.
It brings no sorrow to you.
It doesn't just take from you,
But gives you much more than you expect.

When the heart truly loves,
It doesn't hide it's feelings
But lets the world know how it feels
And whom it loves.

Treat your man like a King
Treat your woman like a Queen
This makes you both one good team.

True love knows no barrier nor distance
It stays true and faithful to the end.

A true lover expresses his/her love everyday and not wait for a day such
As Valentine's day to express his/her love.
Valentine's day is only an addition.

True love is expressed both in words
And actions. And not just all talks.
Talk is cheap.

True love stays with you through
Tick and thin, standing the test of time.
It doesn't give up when the ships are down.

Never settle for a relationship
That makes you less of who you are.
You gotta be yourself in it.

True love searches the heart.
It isn't just after physical beauty
But loves the inner beauty most.
When physical beauty fails,
Love for the inner beauty
Keeps the relationship going and alive.

True love brings two imperfect
People together who see each other's
Perfection in their imperfections.

You don't find love, it finds you.
And when it does,
It becomes the best thing to happen to you
Giving you sweet feelings.

Express your love to the one you
Love before it's too late.
Make him/her know how you
Feel so you don't regret never saying a thing.
Remember, overtaking is allowed.

When love finds you,
It's not just proud to have you,
But does everything and takes
Every risk to keep you.

Wanna have a lasting relationship/marriage?
Keep falling in love with your partner over and over again.

True love brings out the best/angel in you and not the worst/devil in you.

The little things we do in and for love
Are the things that matter most.

Most of all, if single,

love yourself.
Live the life you love and love the life you live.

True beauty comes in when you
Love and appreciate you for being you.
Loving yourself brings out the most
Beauty in you.

Self love is the greatest gift
You can give yourself.
You can't give (love) what you don't have.

Take charge of your feelings and be happy.
Let no one determine your happiness.

Spend sometime alone and reflect
On life to get a better perspective
On life and what you want in the future.
Being alone isn't same as being lonely.

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Self love is accepting who you are, accepting your faults, forgiving your
Mistakes and most of all giving yourself
Have a self crush always.

Your flaws are part of who you are
And also make up your beauty.

The relationship you have with
Yourself determines the kind
And extent of relationship you have
With the one you fall in love with.

Happiness emanates from within
When you truly love yourself.

Have a happy Val's day celebration with yourself, lover, family and friends.

Keep loving, for it makes life much more beautiful.

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