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Hmmmm to all my ladies out there, will you go for a man with six packs or a man with a good heart. Six pack indicates sound physical fitness and health. At a first glance this is what attracts ladies. is six pack what a woman only prefers physically and sexually? what about the social aspect of the man? Is it that most ladies are looking for a man that is presentable to friends and family members? How would you want your man to be?


Hey dear, Keeping fit isn't just all about doing physical exercises. Physical exercise is no doubt a great way in keeping our bodies in shape but are other ways as well that go hand in hand with exercise. We often here health is wealth but not every one of knows it's literal meaning. What it simply means is that no matter the amount of money one has,he can't leave a healthy, happy and a fulfilled life if he doesn't take care of his health. Health in the other hand encompasses our physical, psychological, mental and emotional well being. We need a balanced lifestyle to leave a healthy and a wealthy life. You mustn't live a complex life to achieve keep fit. There are little things we can do to achieve this. Exercise is a must to keeping fit and staying healthy. Workouts, Jogging, aerobics and even a simple fifteen minutes walk help to regulate the heart. In this 21st century every one seems to be in a hurry in meeting up with activities that put food on our


Hey dear, So many people find it difficult to say no to people or to certain people. Infact there are people who do not have the word "NO" in their dictionary and there are others who out of fear of upsetting people will find it difficult in saying NO . Sounds funny but true. If you are reading this and you are one of  such people, my dear it's very possible to say no in every aspect of your life including your workplace if saying yes it's going to affect you negatively much later, though there are some workplaces where saying NO is never an option like the military force. One of the consequences of saying NO is that you will be hated by the one you said it to or the people you say it to but the truth is you know better why you say No and the counter effect if you do otherwise. Only you know what you want and no one else. On a personal note I have heard so many people say I am rude after turning down their offers/requests. Some would even say you are hard hearted


Hey dear, How beautiful is your soul? A beautiful soul is one who speaks in love, kindness and encourages others to excel. He reaches out to people in need and even when he doesn't have, he wishes deeply in his heart that he could lend a helping hand. His soul is without limits. He believes he can achieve whatever he sets his mind and heart on no matter the obstacles and no matter how long it takes cos he believes it's just a matter of time. He is ever positive. He has the heart of a child. He forgives and holds no grudges and as a result at peace with himself no matter the circumstances. Honesty is part of him. He is brave, always motivated encouraged and a source of encouragement. Has a some sense of silliness in him with cute smiles that are contagious. Very compassionate, passionate, hard-working, polite and mature. He is always a good company. You feel happy and at ease when ever you are around him. His presence is enough to make you feel comfortable. He is a ta


Hello dear, Most times we tend to compare our lives to that of others because they appear to be better off than we are. When we start doing that then there will be no end to comparing yourself with others because there will always be people who will appear better than we are. Comparing yourself with some other persons holds no value or importance at all but would rather make you restless in trying to meet up with the standards of other people hence robbing you of your joy and the joy of being who you are.It makes you ungrateful and also makes you feel unfulfilled. Your goal should be in trying to be a better person and be contented with who or what you are and with what you have. Trying to compare yourself with others leads to envy, hatred and eventually strife. It can also make you become so materialistic to the point you get to do things you never imagined you would do, like stealing and prostituting one's self. Rather than this, celebrate who you are and cele