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Loneliness is usually associated with a kind of feeling of emptiness in a person that aches the heart and then makes it heavy. It makes you feel caged, isolated or separated from every other person. You can be lonely due to the loss of someone or because a certain person or group of persons are far away from you or may be you are physically far away from people.

Loneliness can be dealt with by first of all acknowledging you are lonely and knowing why you are lonely. Knowing why you are lonely can help you look for ways out from the right direction or seeking help from the right person. For instance,may be you are lonely because you broke up a relationship with your partner and as a result of that you feel lonely, you must first of all identify the reason for the break up. If the break up was worth it then you know you have to move on with the satisfaction that it was worth it but if the break up wasn't worth it then you look for ways to mend the relationship by first of identifying your faults. Some times you feel lonely even when with friends because you don't find any connection or flow with them. Then in this case you must ask your self if you are in the right company and if not break from them.

Another way in dealing with loneliness is to be active. When you are lonely you become passive. You just don't feel like doing anything. Be more active. Get involved in activities and get busy. Improve your skills or learn new skills. Learning new things really takes your mind off negative things. Go out with friends,listen to soul lifting music and talk to people about how you feel. Talking about how you feel actually relieves you of the pain especially when you lost some one or broke up a relationship. You can always talk to a specialist. If you are missing some one call,write or pay a visit.

Taking out negative thoughts of your head is another way of dealing with loneliness. When we feel lonely we tend to have negative thoughts brooding all over our heads making us feel less important. When such thoughts crop in you can deal with it by immediately getting it off your head. This can be done by doing something productive like reading motivational books, being with positive minded friends/people and talking to people about it.

Quote for the day-" Loneliness is never more cruel than when it is felt in close propinquity with some one who has ceased to communicate."- Germaine Greer

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