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In what state are you in?Alone or Lonely?. Theses Two words are often misinterpreted by people. Some people see it as meaning the same thing but in actual fact they don't mean same thing. Most people feel when a lady or a guy single he is lonely or feels lonely and as a result depressed. Loneliness is a state of mind while being alone is a state of being.

Loneliness often crops up after loosing a loved one either to death or in a relationship that broke up. Loneliness Aches your chest and gives you that horrible feeling of rejection, dejection and abandonment. It makes you loose your freedom, sleep and sense of reasoning. It makes you feel less important like no one cares about you. You tend to get that feeling of bad luck and inferiority complex. You become sentimental and less objective in your thoughts .

Loneliness makes you take wrong decisions,seeking unnecessary attention from the wrong place and people, finding your self in the wrong company and also letting the wrong person or wrong people into your life.

Being alone keeps you focused in life. It brings out the best in you making you realize what you want at a particular time or in life. You get inspirations most times when you are alone. You tend to be objective in your thoughts concerning issues of life. You think positive and see things positively even when you loose some one or faced with challenges. Being alone makes you realize certain deficiencies or weaknesses in you and helps you think of ways to improve on yourself . It helps you improve your skills. It makes you enjoy every bit of life to the fullest. You enjoy listening to music, watching movies and going out with friends. You don't feel awkward when you see a happy couple and you are single because being alone can sometimes bring loneliness but you don't let it consume you.

Being alone enables you do things yourself and for yourself. In this case you do things that make you happy.

   Quote for the day-"Being alone and actually sitting with our own thoughts can lead to such growth and realization that are rare in our every day busy lives"- Kourtney Kardashian


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