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Hey dear, Success is the achievement of a goal either monetary or a social status such as fame. It is a never ending process. Each and every day we learn new things, discover new things, acquire new skills and move up the ladder in our career. No one is on a stand still. You are either going up or coming down. What ever stage you are in life, it's your choice to either remain there or move forward in life. As the world changes so do we. It's never too late to get to that height. Continuous learning gives you an advantage or creates opportunities for you even when you least expect. It gives you an upper hand when the opportunity presents itself and gives you an edge over your contemporaries. While in my final year in the university I decided to enroll for computer studies and after I graduated and did my compulsory one year service to my beloved nation (National Youth Service Corp) I was called for an interview and be fore given the job those of us who scaled through the i


Hey dear, Its Valentine again. A day when people celebrate love and show love. Its a day that is mostly associated with lovers. Valentine's day can be celebrated in many ways and not just for romantic lovers alone. SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY If you have a family with kids take your family out for a special treat. Go to places like restaurants and parks for site seeing and take snap shots. Let your kids and spouse have fun. ENJOY VALENTINE AS A SINGLE PARENT Single parents are not left out. As a single parent take your kids or kid out too and have fun with them.Make your kid(s) feel loved. Let them know that they can have and enjoy what kids with both parents can have and enjoy. GIVE YOUR SPOUSE A TREAT As a couple may be as newly weds or no kids yet give yourselves a special treat. Bring back that sweet honey moon experience. Have a romantic candle light dinner, go to places and have a romantic night GO OUT  WITH FRIENDS Valentine can also be


Hey dear, Loneliness is usually associated with a kind of feeling of emptiness in a person that aches the heart and then makes it heavy. It makes you feel caged, isolated or separated from every other person. You can be lonely due to the loss of someone or because a certain person or group of persons are far away from you or may be you are physically far away from people. Loneliness can be dealt with by first of all acknowledging you are lonely and knowing why you are lonely. Knowing why you are lonely can help you look for ways out from the right direction or seeking help from the right person. For instance,may be you are lonely because you broke up a relationship with your partner and as a result of that you feel lonely, you must first of all identify the reason for the break up. If the break up was worth it then you know you have to move on with the satisfaction that it was worth it but if the break up wasn't worth it then you look for ways to mend the relationship by first


Hey dear, In what state are you in?Alone or Lonely?. Theses Two words are often misinterpreted by people. Some people see it as meaning the same thing but in actual fact they don't mean same thing. Most people feel when a lady or a guy single he is lonely or feels lonely and as a result depressed. Loneliness is a state of mind while being alone is a state of being. Loneliness often crops up after loosing a loved one either to death or in a relationship that broke up. Loneliness Aches your chest and gives you that horrible feeling of rejection, dejection and abandonment. It makes you loose your freedom, sleep and sense of reasoning. It makes you feel less important like no one cares about you. You tend to get that feeling of bad luck and inferiority complex. You become sentimental and less objective in your thoughts . Loneliness makes you take wrong decisions,seeking unnecessary attention from the wrong place and people, finding your self in the wrong company and also letting