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Hello dear, Its so good to have you here again. On living life real today lets take a look at love that is not just skin deep. A skin deep love is love based on the surface alone,it's a love that is selfish and a fake kind of love with lip services and no action to back it up.  We often here the phrase "friends with benefits" which has no emotional attachment and no strings attached. An example is a boy and a girl in a sexual relationship without emotional attachment. They are friends in the day time but sexual partners at night. They practice an open relationship. Another example is friends of same sex or may be the opposite who claim to be good friends but you get to find one person in the friendship for what he or she would get from the other person. May be one person is from a wealthy home or wealthy himself and then you find people who call them selves friends surrounding such a person but when the ships go down you find no one around. what ever happened